Thursday Challenge: Delicate

Pottery by Leora Wenger (done in the 1990's)
Pottery by Leora Wenger (done in the 1990's)

One day I will get back to doing pottery again, which I did for about ten years and stopped around the time my middle son was two. I took the opportunity to photograph some of my pottery today against a black blanket, as this week’s Thursday Challenge is DELICATE (Glass, Lace, Jewelry, Plants, Breakable Things,…).

8 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge: Delicate

  • Thank you, Ilana-Davita.

    I have to say that doing all these photography memes over the past year has helped a lot in improving my photography skills and knowledge. I appreciate that you play them, too! 🙂

  • Lovely pieces Leora. I’m especially intrigued by that little bowl in the back.

    I’ve always wanted to do a pottery class. Someday…

    • One of the first places I ever worked with clay was on Kibbutz Yavne, not far from where you live. I’m sure there are more places to do pottery in Tel Aviv than there are in Central New Jersey.

      The two bowls in the front are white porcelain (glaze shows up beautifully on white porcelain). The bowl in the back is done with a dark, earthy clay.

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