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A Pink Azalea Bud Opening in April 2009
A Pink Azalea Bud Opening in April 2009

I had a very busy day on Friday (did work for two clients and I cooked), so I didn’t have time to put up my weekly review. So why not put it up on Saturday night? Enjoy.

On My Blog

Social Media Networking at Central NJ Libraries: I did my first presentation to the Edison Public Library on “Twitter, Blogs and Websites” this past week. As I can say I was very nervous beforehand, afterward I admit I had a wonderful time! Part of it was the supportive group of people with whom I was speaking, and part of it was the great responsive audience.

Yom HaShoa, Holocaust Memorial Day:
A Child of Survivors Writes
Many links to what others have written about Holocaust Memorial Day

Promote a Business without Spam? My interview with Itzhak Schier: if one wants to learn about a topic, write a post!

Windows of Jerusalem: I’ll post the whole building tomorrow. Those who guessed got so close!

Nature Notes: Spring Trees

8 Photo Memes to Improve Your Photography Skills

Mom in Israel hosted KCC; I used it as an opportunity to discuss meat consumption. And I wrote up a recipe for Stuffed Squash with Mushrooms.

Ruby Tuesday at the Circus

Today’s Flowers Visit Macys

Upcoming events in Highland Park/Edison: Thursday night I will be speaking at the Highland Park Public Library. On Tuesday night, related to Israel Independence Day, Rick Black will be reading poetry at the Highland Park Public Library. And Wednesday is the annual walk around the block by RPRY in Edison for Yom Ha’atzmaut, so I suspect I will be taking pictures of children wearing blue and white and waving Israeli flags.

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