What’s In My Cityscape?


This edition of What Do You See is once again brought to you by my six-year-old daughter. So, what do you see?

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14 thoughts on “What’s In My Cityscape?

  • A child in the foregrond, the same sun as in your own landscape, a few buildings (with a very tall red one on the right) and maybe a river in front of those buildings.

  • At first I thought that the red squiggles on top of the girl’s head was an umbrella, but I realized that the umbrella had no handle and the sun is shining, so now I think that it is the girl’s curly red hair.

  • I see a child in the foreground, along with a bright sun illuminating over the cityscape buildings, and possibly a river to the left.

    • You are close, in that it is in the “flora” category. I would never have guessed, either. I tried to convince her to make it into an umbrella. But she sees what she sees how she sees it!

  • Very nice. A budding artist for sure. Tell her to keep it up. I was doodling at that age. Still do. There ain’t much money in it, but it’s a lot of fun.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Rick! Yes, I know about the “ain’t much money in it.” The doodling bug seems to have been transferred to all three of my children, though my eldest doesn’t seem to care to study art like the other two. He’s very good at taking tests, like my husband.

  • we should all draw like children!; lovely optimistic sun! I had to chuckle; my daughter went through a period where she drew rainbows every day; we dubbed it “the year of the rainbows”. there is a scene we always laugh about in Sixth Sense where the boy draws what is in his head and gets sent to the principle and he learned to only draw rainbows as not to get into trouble… it all reminds us of the year of the rainbows

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