Windows of Jerusalem

I was about to go to sleep for the night when I decided to click on Google Reader and visit Robin’s blog. What? Mary has a new meme? I must check this out! It’s called Window Views. This is my first entry.

Two points to anyone who can tell me the name of the street in Jerusalem where this photo was taken. Five points if you can name the building (I can’t do either, but I’m guessing both are important- busy street, U.S. related building).

30 thoughts on “Windows of Jerusalem

  • Regretably I have never been to Jerusalem so I can’t answer the questions. I’d love to see Jerusalem some day. I like the shuttered windows…

    • You are closer than Jack was! It is close to the Conservative Movement building (that one has a real name, too), which is on the corner of two streets, one being the street of this building.

  • Darn, so close. At least I got the neighborhood right, no small feat since I’m really not all that familiar with Jerusalem. It’s been twenty years since I spent more than the occasional afternoon or evening there.

  • There are so many similar buildings in Jerusalem, especially Nachlaot, that I wouldn’t guess. I see nothing very distinguishing.

  • Looks like another meme I’d be happy to take part in.
    I seem to remember that the Masorti building is the Schechter Insitute. I f you mean the Israeli branch.
    The colors of your photo are beautiful. Do you remember what time it was taken?

  • I’ve never been there so have no quess. I do however, like the windows and the colors of the building itself. Thanks for visiting my Window views.

  • Leora, I’ve read all the comments and am dying to know what building this is with the lovely shuttered windows. My question is: is there a building called the Conservative Movement building?? Thanks for making participation in “Window Views” so much fun, Leora!

    • Mary, thanks again for coming up with another fun meme (how do you handle doing all these?).

      Yes, there is a Conservative Movement building down the block from this building, as Robin previously guessed. I believe it is now officially called United Synagogue’s Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center.

  • I have no idea–i’ll stay tuned for the answer. But, I do love the yellow brick, green shutters, the straight lines and the fact that the window is the most prominent architectural feature of this section of the mysterious building

    oooh that was a mouthful!

    See the view from this window

  • oh I’m so glad no one guess yet and very ashamed that it didn’t just jump out at me. On Agron St. there is a US consulate building, not THE Embassy, but definitely has an American flag there. I always pass it quickly and don’t look closely – so tomorrow I’ll be in Jerusalem and make it a point to go look. I have to agree with Batya that the building (stone) and the windows (and trissim, shutters) are common in many older buildings.

    • YES! YOU WIN THE GRAND PRIZE! Ding, ding, ding. 7 points.

      As a reward, you get to suggest a new macrobiotic recipe for me to try. I love your recipes.

  • But Leora, I didn’t even get to go by the building yet :>)

    hmm, recipe, I made this last Shabbos one of my favorite desserts, called Coffee Mousse. How lucky for you it’s in the files at my discussion group, – now should I make everyone sign up to get it – nah, here it is:

    You can find this recipe in many macro cookbooks. I got mine from
    the Whole World Cookbook from the editors of East West Journal. To
    make it a bit more healing, one can use sweetened water with rice
    syrup instead of apple juice, but it’s still a bit too yin for a real
    healing diet.

    1 quart apple juice
    5 Tablespoons agar flakes
    1 Tablespoon dry instant grain coffee
    pinch sea salt
    2 Tablespoons tahini
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 Tablespoon barley malt
    several walnuts, shelled

    Place apple juice in a saucepan over medium heat and sprinkle in agar
    flakes, stirring with a wire whisk. Turn up heat and bring liquid to
    a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring constantly.
    Dilute grain coffee in a little cool apple juice. Add diluted coffee
    and salt, remove from heat and let cool until set. (I put salt in at

    When mixture has jelled, put in blender along with tahini, vanilla,
    and barley malt (I omit malt). Blend briefly until smooth. Pour
    into wine glasses and chill. Decorate with toasted walnuts (didn’t
    have any, sorry).

    It’s a once in a while special treat. Enjoy.

    Leora, hope you enjoy it. Neither the agar agar nor the apple juice is one of the more healing foods, that’s why I say it’s a special once in a while treat.

    What I do need is more seaweeds in my diet. Have you enjoyed any of those recipes you found in that seaweed book??

    • Good idea. I’ll poke around my seaweed book for a new recipe. I tried one, mixing seaweed with fruit salad. It got eaten, but it’s a bit strange, so it’s not one that I’m going to post.

      I think I want to focus on recipes that are both healing and delicious, like your radish pickles.

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