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Flower Power Painting

My daughter painted this on Sunday afternoon. I only did the blue background, at her request, because she felt I would be more careful about not painting over the objects in the painting. I also did one darker green line, in my efforts to show her that if one adds a color in several different tones (say, light, dark and medium), one can achieve more of a sense of realism. My daughter wasn’t terribly interested in my words of wisdom, but she did request that I put this on the blog. She was looking at my geranium perennial when she painted this; I hope to post some photos of that lovely plant sometime in the next week or so.

Please click on the painting to see more detail.

Ilana-Davita says

This is so lovely. Artistic talents seem to run in the family.

Jientje says

You two are SO talented!! It always makes me a little envious (but in a good way)!

Jew Wishes/Lorri says

This is so lovely and filled with wonderful colors. She's such a talent! Like mother, like daughter.

Rivka with a capital A says

I find it very moving that she asked you to post her picture on your blog.

Enjoy your family!!

Batya says

I'm impressed. You're a great team.

Leora says

Dear everyone,

My daughter is grinning at all your compliments! Thank you from both of us.

Carver says

Your daughter is very talented. Lovely painting and good collaboration between mother and daughter.

Dhaval Jani says

really beautiful!!! love the pink,green n blue... great job:)

Napaboaniya APAD says

Both your daughter and you are talented!! :)
Lovely painting they both of you've created :)

ramblingwoods says

It's beautiful Leora..please tell her so...

therapydoc says

Like mother like daughter. Super.

Jill says

Beautiful work! Nice composition, too. I like the way the smaller flowers encircle the central blossom.
Please tell her her art teacher is very proud!

Jewish Side says

wow, she did a great job! I like how she drew little flowers on the word "flowers"


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