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Guess Object Continued

This photo has more detail of the object in question. Now can you guess what it is?

See previous Guess the Object post (there are clues in the comments). Mottel correctly guessed the answer; you can see it in the comments. As a reward to him, please go visit his blog and see some of his beautiful photos. Some of have been posted to CNN.

mother in israel says

It must be really obvious now if even I got it--an umbrella!

Leora says

It's a good thing I didn't post this photo first.

It presented a sort of "mom" question: if your child wants to bring an umbrella to the beach because she has seen others with umbrellas at the beach, do you:
1) tell her she's silly, it's a rain umbrella
2) let her find out for herself.

Truth is, I thought maybe she would get the rain umbrella to work. Of course, once she figured out the rain umbrella wasn't going to work, she started begging me to buy a beach umbrella.

mother in israel says

I like Mom questions best, as you know.

2sweetnsaxy says

It looks like an umbrella to me too. :-) Love the knob!

ramblingwoods says

I love a good solved..

phyllis says

great shot - i think i was not even close with my earlier guess:-)

therapydoc says

I would never have guessed it.


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