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Jerusalem Day

wall in old city of Jerusalem
Wall of the Old City, Jerusalem, July 2008

Fifty years ago Jews could not walk here, along the walls of the Old City. There was a barbed wire fence preventing entrance. In 1967 all this changed, and thus tonight begins Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day. After June 1967 not only were Jews and others allowed into the Old City and to visit the Kotel, the City was once again in Jewish control, as it had not been for 2000 years. Jerusalem has been a holy city for the Jewish People since the time of King David.

From Wikipedia, here is what Moshe Dayan said on that day:

This morning, the Israel Defense Forces liberated Jerusalem. We have united Jerusalem, the divided capital of Israel. We have returned to the holiest of our holy places, never to part from it again. To our Arab neighbors we extend, also at this hour—and with added emphasis at this hour—our hand in peace. And to our Christian and Muslim fellow citizens, we solemnly promise full religious freedom and rights. We did not come to Jerusalem for the sake of other peoples’ holy places, and not to interfere with the adherents of other faiths, but in order to safeguard its entirety, and to live there together with others, in unity.

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Ilana-Davita says

Your photo is awesome.
Great speech you've quoted here.

Leora says

Glad you like it. I was pleased to find a Jerusalem pic I hadn't yet posted.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Very interesting, Leora. I knew about the importance of Jerusalem but I did NOT know Jews were not allowed in the Old City until 1967. And it's such a nice photo!

Leora says

Yes, Jews lived in the Old City for many years prior to 1948, but under Jordanian rule were not allowed entrance.

Mrs. S. says

Not only were the Jews not allowed entrance from 1948-1967, but during that period, the Jordanians destroyed all of the Old City's synagogues and desecrated the ancient Jewish cemetery on Mount of Olives.

Absolutely gorgeous picture, and happy Yom Yerushalayim!

Leora says

Thanks for the added information. Knowing the history helps understand current events.

ramblingwoods says

good information and a beautiful photo...


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