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Nature in Native Plant Reserve


Last week I took a trip down to the Native Plant Reserve (NPR) in Highland Park. Here is the willow amsonia in bloom. I recognize the flower from years ago when I put together a guessing game of native plants from NPR.


I think I should do these Nature Notes posts every other week; I need one week to come up with an idea and take photos, and the next week to put it together in a post. Or maybe I should just take it one week at a time and rely on inspiration.


I think this is some kind of honeysuckle, perhaps Lonicera sempervirena.


It’s great when the plants have a sign, like this red switch grass.


This one is called spiderwort; good name for a plant with spidery-like leaves.


I had a hard time getting a good shot of the buttercups. If I had my other lens, the macro lens, it would have been easier, because these are tiny and close to the ground.

What’s going on in your area? Birds, flowers, animals, trees? Visit Michelle’s Nature Notes for more natural wonders.

Ilana-Davita says

I hope to be able to update my park photos next week. There should be new ones since I last visited over amonth ago.
I also like it when they put up signs so that we can identify the flowers and hopefully remember their names.

Leora says

It's interesting that you write "they put up signs." In this case, the "they" was often Arnold Clayton Henderson, who for many years worked hard on the Native Plant Reserve and on the environment in general for Highland Park. Arnold is moving to CA to be close to his daughter and granddaughter. Some of us in HP who have worked with him will miss him a lot! (we already do, since he is in California more than he is here).

Paz says

A beautiful place. I love that they put signs with names for people like me who know nothing. ;-)


ramblingwoods says

Leora..I don't want to add any more stress to your life. Nature should be relaxing... if you see something even one photo or a thought or something you read...anything would be great...But I won't be hurt if you don't participate every week. I was kind of surprised that more people weren't interested in posting about nature, but there are so many memes are there...Michelle

Leora says

It does work better if I post when I'm inspired than trying do get something up every week. But that's true of all the memes and blog carnivals. The only one for which I have an overabundance is Today's Flowers, because I LOVE photographing flowers.

Maybe others don't participate because they feel they have to identify what they see in nature? Or maybe they are just city folk and can't relate? I love this meme, myself!

Jim says

Hi Leora, Highland Park looks like a quiet little place where most people know most of the others. And it seems to be out of the densly populated area, being between Trenton and NYC.

Thanks for you visit to my RT and the nice comment. I am just now getting around to my visitors.
Why didn't you wear something prettier for the parade, I guess that A-shirt was cooler (motorcyclist is so un-me (the clothes, the motorcycle, the whole look)?
I am with you on the strawberries--being red fruit--we are getting them by the double whammy right now around here.

Leora says

Oh, the motorcyclist wasn't a photo of me! It was someone totally different.

Interesting, how one can word something and be misunderstood. If you saw the way I dress (I usually wear a skirt, and I never wear shirts without sleeves), you would say, oh, that's not you at all!

We are right next to New Brunswick, which has a more of the city feel. But enough of Highland Park has been preserved so it still has a natural look. And the parade is small-town style.

Jew Wishes/Lorri says

The photos are beautiful...spring blossoms everywhere. All the blooms look so delicate, and I love the varied colors.

Chag Sameach to you and your family.

Sherrie says

Hi Lenora,
Love all your photos! I really like those yellow Buttercups. They are so bright! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


RJ Flamingo says

Great post, Leora! I've always been a fan of native plants, and little by little, have been adding them to my yard. Personally, I like your shot of the buttercups - I can't seem to ever be able to photograph yellow flowers!:-)

Thanks for visiting today, and Happy Shavuos!

Leora says

Glad you like the buttercups. I took about 15 shots of them, and finally decided to crop out this one. They are such pretty, natural-looking flowers.

RJ Flamingo says

P.S.: Does this count as studying? :-)

Vicki says

Beautiful! I'm trying to encourage native plants in my yard. It's great to see the ones you've posted here.

Dora says

Interesting plants shown here. Thanks for sharing. :)

Carver says

I enjoyed this post so much. The nature preserve looks like it has a lot of diversity in plant life which I love.

Leora says

Arnold, who worked at this site for many years and is now retiring and moving to California, would appreciate hearing your kind words!


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