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Nature Notes: Birds

nature-noteMichelle at Rambling Woods writes:

I am going to challenge myself and hopefully you to take a look at nature. What is going on in your area? Is it spring in your part of the world or are you heading into cold weather. Take a little walk….. look at something you might never had paid attention to..a flower…a animal…What changes are taking place?..Is your garden starting to come to life again?..Step outside and close your eyes. What do you hear? …take a deep breath…What do you smell?

I’d really like to know how my blogger friends feel about what they observe in nature. Post a photo..a poem..artwork or a even few words about what you see and how it made you feel…

Robin Red Breast, photograph taken in May 2009
Robin Red Breast, photograph taken in May 2009
A Sparrow Sings to Me, photograph taken May 2009
A Sparrow Sings to Me, photograph taken May 2009
Sparrow in the tree, photograph May 2009
House sparrow in the tree, photograph May 2009

I finally got a 75-300mm zoom lens for my camera, and I can photograph…BIRDS! I sent my “exotic” bird photos off to Michelle, and she told me I had captured a robin and a sparrow. Well, at least now I know what an American robin and a house sparrow look like. Thank you, Michelle, for your inspiration! And a local birder expert just informed me: “The house sparrows are both males. Females don’t have that black in front.”

Ilana-Davita says

We have birds in the garden too, even a robin sometimes, but true enough I never photograph them. Your photos are really good. I guess my favorite is the one in the middle.

Robin says

I've always been partial to Robins myself ;-). Congratulations on your new toy! I'm looking forward to seeing what else it captures.

Bharat Khatri says

Wow The Sparrow Is So Beautiful And So Is The Shot !!

Dhaval Jani says

nice pics... and ya i m jealous!!! u have a new slr hehe

Leora says

I got the camera back in February. The lens is what is new. Incredible, what one can see and shoot with this lens!

ramblingwoods says

It is amazing what a lens enables you to do isn't it? I enjoy seeing any birds..the female house sparrow is kind of brownish and much more plain. They are probably getting going on nesting as they can have 2-3 broods a year.....Michelle

Jewish Side says

I remember you saying in a different post that you were going to start bird watching...

Those are great pictures. It's interesting how they each have different amount of branches in it, the bottom one the most, and middle the least. I guess that's because of different levels of zoom?


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