Ruby Tuesday Tulip with Reds

Yellow Tulip on Red Azaleas, May 2009
Yellow Tulip on Red Azaleas, May 2009

I took this photo a few weeks ago. Since then, the azaleas are still in bloom but the yellow tulip with touches of red has shed its petals.

In camera news, my new Canon 75-300mm zoom lens was returned to Adorama last week because I kept getting err_99 on the camera. On the third day of using the lens. The first two days were an absolute joy; I could capture bokeh (the fuzzy backdrop with clear subject) like never before. Well, a new one is being shipped, and UPS tracking claims it is somewhere in Edison. I am impatiently awaiting its arrival. One of my friends was glad he has a Nikon.

There’s an expression in Hebrew: Marbeh nechasim, marbeh da’agot. Loosely translated, it means the more stuff you got, the more worries.

For more photos with a little or a lot of red, visit Ruby Tuesday, hosted by Mary:

25 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday Tulip with Reds

  • Yes, azaleas last so much longer than tulips.

    Sorry you’re having trouble with your lens. I have a Canon 55 to 250 and I’ve not had any trouble with it, even though it’s not as nice a lens.

    My camera dealer sells both Canon and Nikon and believes Nikons are not THAT much better than Canons…they just cost more. I suspect your lens problem was a fluke. 😉

    • I hope so (that the lens error was a fluke). I got the new lens in a package downstairs; I’m going to utter some prayer or voodoo magic on the new lens and hope all goes well.

  • Your tulip is a wonder. Those hardly spot- able strokes of red.
    Only a creator would have boldness and imagination to color like this.
    I love the tulips. Not two are identical.

    I don’t get a word of your lens talk. That’s Greek to me.
    My daughter also using a large Canon is also complaining about a newly bought costly lens.

    I am glad my worries are few when it comes to belongings…

    Somehow I fear the sum of worries is constant one way or the other.
    From Felisol

  • Beautiful contrast of the yellow tulip against the azalea. This is inspiring me to photograph the azaleas in our yard. We have pink, white and lavender (the previous owner planted them)

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  • Nice tulip. Alone it is a beautiful flower. But the red azaleas behind the tulip look as if they are an audience of red leaves judging the beauty of the tulip…and gasping at the yellow flower’s superior looks

  • Stunning color combination, and that tiny bit of red on the yellow petals draws it all together very well.

    I’d love to see a second crop with a tiny bit more stem showing.

    Hope your new lens arrives soon. I’m awaiting a delivery (not of a camera lens) myself so I can empathize!

  • It just amazes me how nature can make every flower have it’s own character. I have a bush that is odd, in that, it had several different colors though out it. Posted it on my Garden site. Love your photo, Great shot.Happy RT

  • “somewhere in Edison” hehehehe – I can’t tell you how that made me laugh – my UPS depot is Tinton Falls and I beleive it is within the Bermuda Triangle – I hear Edison is much better

    the photo is stunning! I just recently learned what brokeh is and now spent way too much time trying to achieve it

    • The lens came! I used it! It worked!

      Yes, I have become a “bokeh” addict. Always looking to get a bit of blur in the right spot.

  • Good morning Leora. What a bright way to start my day. This photo is so pretty and would work just as well for Mellow Yellow Monday!

  • I am glad that they are being helpful as I think I checked them on the BBB site and they weren’t so great…but I know others who have bought things with no trouble….

  • What a great idea, to have the red in the background. I love the effect!

    Sorry you’re having camera troubles. That has to be frustrating.

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