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Ruby Tuesday White Flowers and Red White Blue Parade

Who can tell why I am posting white flowers for a Ruby Tuesday post? The answer is very red.

In honor of memorial day, here are three pics from our local parade down Raritan Avenue. The motorcyclist is so un-me (the clothes, the motorcycle, the whole look), but I liked the photo and wanted to share it.

My friend is the leader of this Girl Scout troop. I used to march when I was a Cub Scout Leader.

To me, this picture says “Memorial Day.” We have so much to thank for, living in this country because of those who fought for our freedoms. May those who lose their lives fighting for freedom be remembered and cherished.

For more photos with a little red or a lot of red:

Ninnu says

Strawberries :)

Carver says

That looks like a wonderful parade. Good shots.

Patti V. says

Hi Leora,
Looks like your parade is an old-fashioned one like ours is. It certainly was a beautiful day for it.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Ralph says

I so enjoy a small town parade. What is local to us is what's important. In our Ansonia parade, the oldest veterans went on the parade route on a float. They fought for us, and we all should appreciate their sacrifices...

My friend planted strawberries on our hill in the back yard. We (and the local critters) await the ruby fruit fairly soon!

Leora says

Yes, we have the oldest veterans in the front, too. However, my daughter wanted to order more food, and she didn't care that she missed the beginning of the parade. Ah, well.

Dianne says

The look of pride on that man's face is so touching
wonderful photos!

Mirage says

a grand parade on a lovely day! Lots of red too!

felisol says

The last picture speaks volumes.
These dignified men carrying roses.
Moves me so.
From Felisol

Dora says

Interesting "red" events.

Happy RT! :)

Robin says

Mmm... strawberries.

Fun parade shots.

Ilana-Davita says

Nice series. I was a Cub Scout Leader too.

nonizamboni says

Amazing photos--you really captured the essense of the day. Also thanks for the info about S. Y. Agnon today.
Enjoy those strawberries!

Leora says

Thanks for reading my review of the Agnon story.

Auntie E says

That Plant will soon Bear Red items. I love the red strawberries soon to be.

Southlakesmom says

Love the firefighter (ret?) carrying the roses. Are they carrying them in trumpet bells? Or are they going to place them someplace special? Or give them to the oldest vets or widows? This is the kind of photo that just begs for a short story to be written! Thank you!

Leora says

I really don't know what those roses are in. I would have to ask someone in the fire department!

amanda says

Took me a second but I figured out the strawberries as well! Great parade photos love seeing the red white and blue!

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Love seeing the Memorial Day parade. What a wonderful hometown feel!

mary/theteach says

Leora, don't know why you posted the white flowers unless they have something to do with Shavout...Happy Ruby Tuesday and Happy Shavout! :)

Leora says

The white flowers are strawberries. We are beginning our deluge of fresh picked strawberries from our garden. It's wonderful. (In July, we get raspberries...)

Thank you for the good wishes for the upcoming holiday. Decorating one's home with flowers is part of the celebration, but I'll probably go with a bigger flower than the little white ones from the strawberries.

ramblingwoods says

My husband always marches in the parades as a volunteer fireman....The motorcycle look isn't me either..


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