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Summer Stock Beach Items

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Robin says

Fun collection of items Leora, it definitely captures the essence of "young family at the beach" - bright, colorful, fun, and a bit unpredictable (the umbrella).

Great choice for the first edition of Summer Stock.

Leora says

"young" - I'll take that, even if we (my husband and I) are approached that age that if you add our ages together, it will soon be 100.

Ilana-Davita says

I like the fact that your photo suggests without showing.

Leora says

Thanks! Great compliment. That's what a good writer is supposed to do.

G6 says

I can SMELL the suntan lotion already!
Very evocative.

hip chick says

Oh look like you are all set up for a day of fun!

This Eclectic Life says

Look at all the splashes of color! G6 smells the suntan lotion--I feel the grit of sand in my shoes ;-)

Dianne says

you're all ready!

Ellie says

Kids need stuff. Sometimes I feel like magician pulling tricks out of the hat. All I need at the beach is my husband to keep an eye on the kids for a few minutes - so I can take a peak at what is around me :)

Thorne says

I love the color against the neutral sand. Yay for Summer!

Batya says

Great sandy still life!

Jew Wishes says

Great photo, like a word-painting, without the words.

I love the contrasts of the textures of the beach gear and the contrasts of color!

I can feel the ocean breeze, smell it scent, and I'm so ready to get sand between my toes.

phyllis says

good good good! i want to come to the beach too:-)

Jientje says

That's a perfect picture for this meme! Summer, sand beach and flip flops. I love Summer!

Jessica The Rock Chick says

What a cool collection of items for this shot!!! I'm especially fond of the little pink bucket. My kids are teens now, but I have such great memories of my little girls at the beach making san castles with buckets just like that!!! Really nice!

Daryl says

Summer perfection!

Glennis says

Well you and your family are all set for a great day at the beach. Have fun.


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