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Watery Sandy Hook Bay

Yes, this is the way my life functions; we go on one trip to Sandy Hook, and the result is posts for at least two weeks of this Jersey Shore area. (I still have photos from last June’s Israel trip that I could share, but not today).

These two are on the bay side of Sandy Hook.


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East Gwillimbury WOW! says

To funny, Leora! Well, I have tons of photos taken in the same areas too. LOL

This is a very pretty keep the photos coming. ;-)

Pagan Sphinx says

These are nice pictures! I'm glad you shared them. My daughter is planning on visiting her college roomate over the summer on the Jersey shore somewhere. She's excited.


2sweetnsaxy says

Great shots. I can see why you have so many photos. I know how that is. :-)

Ewok says

I take two maybe three small trips a year and they supply all my material for my blogs the entire year.

Great shots. I love the first one, the water is so blue.

Will says

Beautiful scenes. I have heard of Sandy Hook but never been there. Looks like a beautiful place to spend a few days.

Guy D says

Excellent shots, the second one is my favourite.

Regina In Pictures

Sarah says

Wow beautiful scene. It's nice to be there, huh!
Thanks for sharing

A Beach House Dreamer says

Ahh, coastlines..., I love them. Have never been to this area though.

Robin says

It's beautiful, well worth stringing out.

Heck, I'm still posting Rosh Pina pictures and that trip was in December.

hip chick says

Great photo's. I do the same thing with pictures.

mymy says

beautiful view of the houses and tress. the ocean is so clear and blue.

mimi says

such a beautiful view of the houses and tress behind the blue ocean.

Tarolino, Finland says

What a wonderful area to live in. Love it how the houses climb up along the hill from the shoreline. Gives most households an excellent view of the bay. The first shot is my favourite allthough it was nice to see the vegetation on the second shot and the fact that the bay seems to be divided in half at that point.

Denise says

Looks lovely, nice scenic photos. Always wanted to go to the Jersey Shore to see what it looks like.

Valkyrien says

I can relate to what you are saying with no problem! ;) A ton of photos (well, on my computer) - I could sit here a year posting!

Beautiful place - and great shots of beautiful spots!

Thanks for visiting!

moosh says

T really enjoy your watery Wednesdays shots. No water near me so I like to view other places where there is water.


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