Week in Review with Azalea Blooms

Azalea bushes in bloom, May 2009
Azalea bushes in bloom, May 2009

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A Riddle in Prose

Watery Dianthus

Nature Notes: Birds

The Rabbi, The Mayor and A Blue and White Parade in Edison, NJ

Today’s Flowers: Today’s Flowers: Chives, Columbine and Bleeding Heart

Sweet, Bittersweet and Painful

Upcoming in Highland Park: library book sale and the annual street fair (see my post from last year of the street fair)

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

Robin of Around the Island is starting a new photo meme called Summer Stock Sunday. First edition will be Sunday, May 31. Get those summer pics ready!

I want to wish my friends recovering from surgery the strength and patience to heal. Ilana-Davita wrote a bit about her experience with recovery in this post. For another friend, who is here in Highland Park, I wish recovery and healing and growth and renewed energy.

A useful link that came up because we were talking passwords: How To Create a Tough Password That Cannot Be Cracked By Anyone

Here’s Something You Can Do for Gilad Shalit

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