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Window Views: Store

This shop on Raritan Avenue in Highland Park is called Centerpiece. I photographed the store window during the annual street fair (see slideshow).

Here’s the sign for the shop, giving you a flavor for the store:

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Milo and Alfie says

Window shopping on someone's blog - we love it! We're posting our entry tommorrow.

Jew Wishes says

What a lovely shot...and I like the reflections through the window of the architecture, I assume is across the street.

Shey says

Love the reflections on the glass. Cool angle and shot! :)

Ilana-Davita says

I like your shots too. Do they sell decoration or crockery?

Leora says

All sorts of things. I think they sell homemade pottery. I once tried to buy a child's present there, but the cheapest item was about $25. I go across the street to the Over the Moon Toy Store for all my presents instead.

Jeri says

Fantastic shot-love the reflection!

ramblingwoods says

There is a meme for window views...cute idea...

Leora says

Another Mary the Teach invention! :-)

ellen b says

That looks like a shop I'd love to walk around in. That window would draw me in...

Ivanhoe says

I love the painted tree in the window. What a great idea to dress up a store :o)

kaye says

what an interesting window display . . . See the view from this window

mary/theteach says

Lovely things in the window, great reflections! Great Window view! :)


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