But I’m Not Purple

I was looking at my daughter when I drew this. So I can’t say it is “of her” but rather inspired by her presence. When she saw it, she declared, “but I’m not purple.” She seemed to be OK about my posting this intense work of art. Executed in fine children’s crayons on old spiral notebook paper, it is available for the asking price of a mere $1,000. Should I add another zero to that figure? Any bidders?

Do you think it’s blog-worthy? Well, here it is. I had a hard week last week (family stuff: my father is doing well now, thanks), and I was concentrating on concentrating on doing my work (and that second ‘concentrating’ is not a typo: when life gets stressful, doing what one needs to do can take a lot of energy).

What do you do when life feels stressful? Do you write about it, talk about it, run around the block, play music?

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