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Float of Israeli Banks in NYC

In my Ruby Tuesday post this week I asked if anyone could guess which business sponsored this float from the Israel Day Parade in New York City. It turns out it was sponsored by IDB Bank, Bank HaPoalim, and Bank Leumi. Robin, who lives in Tel Aviv, correctly stated Bank Leumi as the sponsor.

Whenever I hear Bank HaPoalim, I think of the ditty: “Bo-ee, bo-ee-tan-u, Bank HaPoalim, bo-ee, bo-ee-tan-u, Bank HaPoalim …” (which translates as ‘come with us, come with us, Bank of the Workers, come with us, come with us, Bank of the Workers). Do they still use that for advertising? I have no idea. The name ‘Bank HaPoalim,’ bank of the workers, reminds me of Israel’s socialist, Russian-inspired roots.

How does your bank advertise?

Paz says

I would have never guessed but now, I know. ;-)


Leora says

Hope you'll come back when I'm ready to post some NYC architecture photos.

Baila says

...and I always think of the ditty "Bank Leumi, zeh Habank sheh-li..." [Bank Leumi is my bank]....
Neither commercial is around anymore.

Leora says

Thanks for letting us know, Baila. Reminds me of "I'd like to teach the world to sing...Coke, it's the Real Thing..."

Mrs. S. says

That's interesting that Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim shared a float - even though they're competitors...

Shabbat Shalom!

LB says

The first bank "jingle" that comes to mind is "HaBeinleumi HaRishon, bank shchoshev acheret" (HaBeinleumi HaRishon, a bank that thinks differently).

Don't think that's around either...


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