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JPIX: Spring Review Edition

Welcome to JPIX, the blog carnival of Jewish photo bloggers from around the world.

shiloh_mkt_sm meander_flower meander_porat
robin_shuk robin_oldcity robin_apollonia

Ilana-Davita, G6, and Rahel:
id_shul2 g6_shavuot rahel_bee

Maya and Mike in Midwood:
maya_flowers mike_Migdaldavid

Devo aka Pesky Settler and Proud Mommy:
pesky_glare pesky_pesach proud_bedikah

Occidental Israeli, TRS and Mottel
LB_india trs_ellis mottel_shul

Soccer Dad and Mrs. S.:
soccer_shavuot mrsS_bridge

cosmicX_cat cosmicX_crows cosmicX_motorcycles

Mother in Israel, Rafi and Imabima:
mominisrael_horse rafi_wedding imabima_plum

Baila and Jew Wishes:
baila_icecream jewwishes_headstones

Jewish Side and Mimi:
jewishside_stencil_sm mimi_ochel

Stained Glass Window at Congregation Etz Ahaim, Highland Park, New Jersey gilad_shalit_have_you flowering_tree

If you see a photo you like, please click on it to visit the blog from which it came. You may find other photos you like as well, and perhaps an explanation of the photo. In particular it is always nice to leave a complimentary comment on the blog of the photographer about the photo. You can also leave the photo blogger questions about the photo on his or her blog.

Unless someone volunteers to host JPIX in the next few months, the next addition of JPIX will be in December. Batya has volunteered! See below.

If you want to participate in the September 8 edition of JPIX, the blog carnival of Jewish photobloggers, please submit your post using this form.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! I love doing this carnival.

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Robin says

The carnival looks terrific Leora, you did a great job!

Mimi says

Thanks for doing this carnival, Leora, and for including one of my recent photos. I'm a bit embarrassed not to have contributed to more of the Jewish blog roundups was a nice surprise to find myself here.

And I adored Pesky Settler's toddler helping with the Pesach cleaning.

Leora says

Oh, yeah, I picked that one out for the carnival, the toddler Pesach cleaning - it's precious!

Dina says

Wow, so many Jewish blogs, too little time in the day...
Thanks for your good comment. The attention-grabbing green house is in Darajat village in the Negev. Please click on Darajat in my Labels column for more info.

Mrs. S. says

Beautiful job!
Thanks for including me, and have a great week!

Ilana-Davita says

Great Job, Leora; as always. Nice that this little-known carnival hasn't died thanks to people like you.

Jew Wishes says

Thanks for doing this! Great job! Thank you for the link!

Batya says
Mottel says

Amazing job!

Devo K says

Great job! And thanks!

Rahel says

Leora, thank you for a wonderful Carnival!

medam says

Great job, indeed! There are so many beautiful photos and blogs that you recommended us to see.

Cosmic X says

Well done as usual!

Ellie says

Great pics! I've been to the most of the places. French press - I've seen the cylinder thing in the stores but never tried it. I was born in Bulgaria and we drink Turkish coffee there, but as I grew older /and my heart with me/ we switched to the lazy watery filter coffee. The little cup half full with ground coffee is too strong for me now. How did you discovered the french press?

Leora says

My neighbors (who used to live in California, before that they lived in Israel, before that they lived in France) introduced me to French Press coffee. I ordered one from Amazon, then I ordered a little grinder. Yum.

Ellie says

I bet the french press coffee would make great pics if your cylinder is clear - at least on the boxes the coffee looks so dramatic and thick!

Jientje says

Hi Leora, still trying to catch up a little here. What a great rainbow you had there, wow! Rainbows and sunsets are beautiful gifts from Mother Nature. Along with flowers of course. If the gardener has the patience to wait, and the deer don't eat them. But then again, deer are beautiful too, aren't they?

Mikeinmidwood says

thanks, and good job.

Baila says

Thanks so much for including my photo of Ben and Jerry's in Israel. You always do a really great job on this.

Abbi says

Really gorgeous! Just looking at all the pics together makes you feel like you can gaze at the whole Jewish world at once.

frumhouse says

Absolutely fantastic! Your photo galleries just keep getting better and better!

Jewish Side says

Great job and Thanks for including mine.
These carnivals are so much fun since I get to see all kinds of new things. I liked the kid emptying his toy bucket picture. Reminds me of pictures my mother took when us kids were little.

Jewish Side says

lol, and now I clicked on the link to the picture and saw that I had already commented there. I must of forgotten that I saw the picture. Or maybe it was so good that even though I saw it for the second time it felt like it was the first.

Mojo, NC, USA says

Even at this size it's clear there are some phenomenal photos here! I'm familiar with Robin's work, but not so much the others. Wonderful!

I'm trying to catch up with folks after spending the last several weeks working on a project for Violence UnSilenced. Sorry I've been away so long... looks like I missed out on quite a bit!

Leora says

Mojo, good luck with the Violence UnSilenced project.

I find some of the photographers who participate here are a bit shy about their abilities. So much to capture, so little time in life to enjoy all the beauty (and sometimes to view the harsh realities, too).


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