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Ruby Tuesday: Goodbye Reds

My daughter’s first grade teacher retired after 24 years of working at my kids’ school. To show appreciation for her, two of the mothers organized a surprise party last week at lunch time. Many of the parents chipped in toward the party, and some of us showed up for the lunch, but I was so happy that these two parents did so much organizing. One of the presents was a scrapbook with each page devoted to one child in her class. She spent ten minutes (or more) with the children looking over the scrapbook.

Only two other teachers have been at the school longer than she has. My daughter, when asked her favorite teacher from first grade, named all her teachers, including the assistants. She enjoyed them all. Not bad for a child who struggled with school and is finally learning to read.

For more photos with a little or a lot of red, visit:

Robin says

What a lovely sendoff, she must be a really special teacher.

I'm so glad your daughter's year turned around.

Raizy says

That's really nice. 24 years teaching first graders? She deserves this party!

James says

Very nice surprise. I was thinking that 24 years was a long time then I remembered that I was in 1st grade 12yrs before she started teaching. Yikes!

Ilana-Davita says

I am glad your daughter likes her teacher and is learning to read too.
Do the three colors on the table mean that you had a mixed lunch (meat, dairy, parve)? Seems a bit complicated to handle with kids; but then if not, why the three colors?

Leora says

Oh, you're reading too much into it! I think the parent who did the shopping has nice taste in colors and got a deal on those.

Ilana-Davita says

My mistake then. Nice plates and napkins anyway.

Ellie says

Did they shop at Target? - I've seen those designs there. It is nice they bought 3 different colors of plates and napkins - instead of just one -they put effort and thought in it. Great!

Leora says

Yes, it does look like Target kind of plates! She probably did shop at Target.

Jim says

Hi Leora, this is a nice post. Those parents did good for the retiring teacher. Even in college some of my students would bring little gifts for this or that, it meant a lot.
Happy RT! :-)

Ralph says

teaching is a tough profession, one hoping for the small successes that made a huge difference in your child's life and education. But it is apparent that this retiree did so well with all kids. As our children grew, we knew which teachers made the biggest impact. And we appreciated their work. This is a nice remembrance!

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

What a thoughtful, colourful send off! I'm sure it meant a lot to the teacher.

Congrats to your daughter for having such a great attitude!

Meikah Delid says

I love the look of the party favors and of course the red and white polka dot plates. :) The add more festive mood to the occasion.

My first Ruby Tuesday entry is here:

DrillerAA says

Thanks for stopping by Driller's Place. Nice polka dot plates. Very nice Ruby Tuesday. Have a great one.

Patti V. says

That is certainly a thoughtful sendoff. I also love the colorful party plates. Very nice.

Happy Ruby Tuesday, Leora!

maria says

What a lovely send off. Polka dots are always cheerful.

Carletta says

I'm smiling at Ellie - Target was on my mind too!
What a lovely thing to do. Twenty-four years is a long time career wise and in the same school.
Nice red finds Leora!
My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

annie says

I'm glad to hear the your daughter is getting a grasp on reading. My daughter had the same problem and it haunted her throughout school. She grown now. Loves reading. Attends college and works full time. These things seem to have a way of working themselves out.

Batya says

I like the color scheme, not boring at all!
First grade teachers have such a responsibility!

southlakesmom says

What a blessing for the teacher who has blessed so many. Each one of us should take a moment to try to track down a favorite teacher and send a note to thank them. It means a LOT!

Mary says

What a lovely thing to do for your child's teacher. I'm sure she was most appreciative. Your photos are very colorful - a bit like a box of crayons.

Jew Wishes says

How nice to do this for the teacher! That was so thoughtful.

I love the photos...they are filled with wonderful colors!

Happily Retired Gal says

As a happily retired teacher myself, methinks this was a lovely sendoff and tribute ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Sherrie says

That was wonderful doing that for the teacher. She will some wonderful memories to take with her! Have a great day!


amanda (the new site) says

It is so sad when you say goodbye to a good teacher, they are hard to come by!

amanda (the new site) says

it is so sad when you have to say goodbye to a good teacher, they are hard to come by!

mary/theteach says

Leora, Sorry a very good teacher is leaving. But I'm very happy your daughter is doing so well! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Kim says

Wonderful shots. Good teachers should be celebrated!!!And this one looks like she was...

nonizamboni says

Heart warming post! Always a bittersweet day when a teacher retires. Thanks for sharing a clever take on 'red.'
Happy Wednesday.

Jewish Side says

great pictures, and that's nice the parents made a going away party for the teacher. My neighbor is a 3rd grade teacher and at the end of the year she bought presents for her children to give to their teachers. I assumed because she's a teacher herself she appreciates what teachers do and that's why she gave them such nice presents.

That's good your daughter liked all her teachers!

ramblingwoods says

Oh, as I teacher, I would have loved that Leora. I am very happy that your daughter is enjoying school so much. Enjoying it is first and that will lead to enjoying all the learning too...


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