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Ruby Tuesday: Red Signs

WANTED Volunteer Firefighters for Highland Park (sign is on corner of Raritan Ave & 5th)
Red sign: Building For Lease (sign is on Raritan Avenue, btwn 4th and 5th)
Red sign: Building For Lease Call (sign is on Raritan Avenue, btwn 4th and 5th)

I found these red signs in my photo archives while I was looking for something else. I took them last fall, and now I am sharing them for Ruby Tuesday. I probably photographed them with Ruby Tuesday in mind. The top one with the snow I find especially cooling on this warm June day.

For more photos with a lot of red or a little red, visit Ruby Tuesday:

Mrs. S. says

I like your idea of using a picture of snow to get some [virtual] relief from the summer heat...

Ilana-Davita says

I have noticed (thanks to RT) that a lot of signs are red.
Both shots are fine in their own ways (I like the brick texture in the second one).

Carletta says

Nice signs Leora!
You tease us with the snow. :)

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

felisol says

No snow for me right now. I've had my first bare- feet- in- the- garden- day for this summer.
We have already reached midsummer. I don't like it at all.
The sign with the old windows in the brick building was just up my alley.
From Felisol

Ralph says

I often think of all the photo memes when looking for a picture - and red is no exception. some might think that these signs are mundane. Not me, as your choices show us a town that truly is alive. And as we live where firefighting is done by volunteers, there can not be enough of them - a recruiting sign in red is an eye catching!

Ellie says

I really liked the firefighter sign - it would have been a happy sign anywhere else in the world - always sad memories when you see - more firefighters needed in NY/NJ area.

Jew Wishes says

Nice eye on the signs, Leora! I love the sign against the bricks...there is something nostalgic about it.

Nukke says

Oh boy, snow ! Do you know, it has been so cold here in Finland during Midsimmer that it wouldn't have been a wonder if it has snowed, brrrr. But now it's getting warmer :) Thanks for your comment !!!!!!

Nukke says

(sigh) MIDSUMMER ! Red in signs is like attention :)

eastcoastlife says

I could have use for some snow here in hot Singapore! I'm perspiring as I comment in my living room. :P

Martha says

I would like a firefighter too, please.

Great pictures!

My Ruby Tuesday

Leora says

Thanks for the laugh, Martha! ;-)

Carver says

I like the cooling snow shot in June too. As I get hotter and hotter, I've considered posting snow shots I haven't used yet. Maybe I'll do another Christmas in July post. I did that one year in the summer. Thanks so much for you kind comment on my blog.

srp says

A good man of any profession would be nice.
I have a red construction permit sign up in my window... no takers yet.

mary/theteach says

Great signage, Leora! Iwas thinking one of these days to do a Ruby Tuesday of RED signs! You beat me to it! Good job! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Snow would be nice. (Hmmmm. Did I really say that?)

Dianne says

My town needs more volunteers as well, have for quite awhile now

I just came back from errands and the humidity is awful so the snow made me smile

Kim says

Nice post! The red sure gets our attention.

Patti V. says

amazing how many signs have red lettering - Ruby red is so eye-catching! Our town and the surrounding ones have volunteer firefighters. Bless them all!

I also like the snow in the top photo - I don't care for the humidity.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!


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