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Ruby Tuesday: Red White Blue

I photographed these red carnations, white petunias and blue lobelia outside a florist in Highland Park a little before the Memorial Day Parade.

I enjoyed seeing “Uncle Sam” in attendance at the Israel Day Parade in New York City.

For more photos with a little or a lot of red, visit:

mary/theteach says

I love RED, white and blue, Leora! Perfect post for Ruby Tuesday! :)

Ellie says

Floral shops are treasure islands of color - carnations - such a strong survivors!

Ilana-Davita says

I like the angle of your first shot. Funny Uncle Sam: very patriotic looking.

Ellie says

Just finished the mushroom - hubby approved - thank you - it is going to be success for dinner! I'll try to take a picture with my lousy camera :)

felisol says

Happy flowers and even more festivie hat, all for the sake of Israel.
From Felisol

Ralph says

Hooray for the red, white and blue! The patriotic flower arrangement is a stylish view of three important colors. The hat is just about right for this view between the two holidays Memorial Day and July 4. I like the stars and stripes at the Israel Day Parade. A nice view of a wonderful relationship!

Carletta says

I agree - nice angle on the flower shot.
Great hat - Ralph's right - July 4 is coming soon.
Your flower shot would make a nice postcard for the day. :)

Leora says

Yes, I thought about waiting until July 4th to show it. But I figured by then I would find something else...and I have more of these same flowers, anyway, at other angles.

Paz says

Beautiful reds!


Jew Wishes says

I love the tones, red white and blue, and the patriotism behind the second photo.

The flower photo is lovely...with the wonderful perspective.

lawstude says

we have the same national colors. red, white and blue. really a great combination.

Robin says

Very patriotic :).

Jientje je says

I love red white and blue, it's a great colour scheme and your pictures are marvellous!

Jewish Side says

Gorgeous! I love the flowers, such rich colors.
And at first glance it looked like it was by a beach where the sidewalk was sand and the street was the ocean.


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