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Ruby Tuesday: Strawberries

Yes, I have strawberries growing in my garden.

Many strawberries are growing my garden, but we had more of these delicious, luscious fruits last week. Many are now mush.

For more photos with a little red or a lot of red:

Robin says

Yum! It doesn't get any better than fresh strawberries, unless perhaps it's fresh strawberries made into strawberry ice cream :-).

Leora says

I whipped up some strawberries with banana last week for my daughter. Wow, was that good.

Ralph says

This is our first year of growing these ruby berries, but are still waiting to gorge ourselves on this tasty treat! We just hope that raccoons and other varmints leave some for us...

mary/theteach says

I thought you were going to say that everyone had eaten them! Ha! Happy Ruby Tuesday, Leora!

Ilana-Davita says

You've already got strawberries; wonderful!

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Oh YUM! I'll be right over. ;-)

Leora says

Be my guest! Just don't tell ALL the neighbors.

Ellie says

Yum - need help picking them? I am the worst gardener ever. I can try growing a cactus or something like that. Tried strawberries once but did not thrived under my supervision. Great respect on the garden!

felisol says

Strawberries are my summer favorites.
I have been buying Belgian for more than a month.
The wild strawberries in my garden are only green yet.
I'm so looking forward to harvest day.
From Felisol

Dianne says

I imagine all this rain is a bit much for them!!

They sure are pretty

Jew Wishes says

What a fantastic texture study!

The red is so vibrant...a strawberry delight.

annie says

I love the taste of warm, fresh picked strawberries. They are like tiny explosions of flavor.

lawstude says

yummy strawberries. i love them on my sundaes and the jammed version lights up my pancakes.

srp says

I would hope that many were in your tummies as strawberry shortcake. I can eat two or three raw ones, but my tongue objects after that. Now put sugar on them and my tongue doesn't seem to mind so much. I guess you could call it a selective allergy.

Leora says

Interesting, that sugar makes them easier for you.

Carletta says

Just today my husband stopped at the local Aldi store and found some at a really nice price. We're eating some and putting some in the freezer for eating later.
These shots remind me of my childhood when my Dad planted long rows of strawberries in our garden - we always snatched a few to eat. :)

Leora says

In our family, you are allowed to "snatch" as many as you like. If we had more willing pickers, there wouldn't be so many mushy ones in my yard!

Nukke says

Nice red Strawberry pics ! My Father is a Strawberry Farmer and now his son-in-law continues his work so you'll see my Strawberry pics in July and those pickers who are mostly from Thailand. Greetings from Finland !!! And thank you so much for your comment in my blog :)

nonizamboni says

Strawberries--ambrosia of the gods! Your photos are are luscious.
They're just coming on up here and am on my way to the Tuesday farmer's market today. I will think of you when I pick out the best.
Happy week!

MedaM says

I love them so much; its smell and its taste. Great photos!

floreta says

that's my kind of garden!

Martha says
Kim says

Yummy! I wish I could grow strawberries in our garden...all the cute little woodland creatures eat them faster than I can get to 'em.

We have a Highland Park town just north of Chicago...right on Lake Michigan...cute place.

Karen ~Georgia Angel says

Those looks sooooo delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Jewish Side says

Those strawberries look yum!
Really adds color too!


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