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SkyWatch: Rainbow in Edison

First we saw this in the sky in Edison, New Jersey on Tuesday night.

Then we saw this – a rainbow!

If I didn’t have my camera with me, and if it weren’t for the SkyWatch photo meme, I would have missed the rainbow.

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Sky Watch Friday
Sky Watch Friday

The blessing for a rainbow is: “zocher haBrit” – remember the covenant.

Dina says

Well then, God bless SkyWatch!

Do you know the blessing said on seeing a rainbow? I always forget the wording.

Leora says

Oseh Ma'aseh Breishit - my son said it right away, when we saw it - I was so proud of him! (translation: blessed is He that Made the Creation -- or something like that)

Daniel Saunders says

I thought there was a special bracha for rainbows - something to do with God remembering the covenant.

Mrs. S. says

According to Artscroll, the correct blessing is:
"Zocher habrit v'neeman b'brito v'kayam b'maamaro."

(Nevertheless, kol hakavod to your son for knowing and remembering that there IS a blessing...)

Leora says

When I googled it, I found the bracha that Mrs. S. wrote about rainbows. I'll ask them tonight if they know about the special bracha vs. the ma'aseh breshit: maybe this is like saying Shehakol instead of Adamah: it could cover both.

Leora says

My son just corrected me. He did say "zocher Habrit" the one Mrs. S. wrote in her comment.

My boys told me ma'ashe breishit is for thunder and lightning.

They know more than me. :-)

(FYI Mrs. S. reports that thunder = "shekocho u'gevuroto malei olam")

mary/theteach says

Oh my, Leora! Rainbows are so lovely and so colorful! Nice capture! :)

Robin says

Ooh, I love rainbows!

Sanna says

Drama in the sky and then a rainbow. Nice! =)

James says

It's beautiful and it looks just like the one I saw in Newtown PA. last night.

Leora says

So neat that you saw one in PA last night!

Carletta says

I love seeing rainbows and get so excited. I have a friend who always tells me - 'God meant you to see it' - I think you and your family was meant to see it.
Lovely shots!

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

Guy D says

Excellent captures, love that rainbow.

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures

Sylvia Kirkwood says

Fabulous shots and rainbow! Happy SWF! Have a lovely weekend!

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Rainbows are so incredible. I wish there were more of them but then I guess we wouldn't appreciate them so much. ;-)

Photo Cache says

rainbows are so rare in my part of the world that's why i get my fill of them from fellow bloggers like you.

Aussie Nikki in USA says

I have missed way too many photo ops that I take my camera everywhere! And I am glad you had yours with you for this! Lovely!

My Skywatch is here

Jew Wishes says

What stunning photos! The trees really stand out against the sky, and that rainbow...amazing!

Ilana-Davita says

Great that you had your camera. You really managed to capture the eerie atmosphere of that evening.

Jane says

Nice shot of the bow and the green trees give some good foreground.

Batya says

lovely rainbows

Louise says

How glad I am for SkyWatch so we could see this!

We've had a crazy week here with a rainbow the last 3 days. I'm half-expecting another tonight. I've had my camera twice, but I'll be ready if it comes tonight. (Which likely assures it won't because I did not have my camera before to be prepared, but just because I had it.)

I like the blessing!

ramblingwoods says

Beautiful..I should look as we have had so much rain...

Louis la Vache says

Nice capture! Rainbows are often difficult to photograph (in my experience).

medam says

Oh, beautiful photos! I love rainbows and I love these photos of yours!

Jewish Side says

wow, great pictures, so cool that you saw a rainbow and were able to take a picture of it!


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