Summer Stock: July Birthday

My Daughter's Pink Strawberry Frosted with Colored Sprinkles Doughnut
My Daughter's Pink Strawberry Frosted with Colored Sprinkles Doughnut
If your birthday is in the summer, you get to celebrate your birthday early in school. I brought an assortment of strawberry-frosted and chocolate-frosted doughnuts to my daughter’s first grade class this week to celebrate. The kids thought it hilarious that I was photographing a doughnut (don’t any of them have mommies that blog? I guess not).

So this means only a few weeks until the Fairy Birthday Party. Anyone have ideas for a fairy-themed party? Can you tell me how to make a wand with 20 or so little girls? Fairy games or stories? Fairy prizes (I couldn’t find anything fitting at Oriental Trading).

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25 thoughts on “Summer Stock: July Birthday

    • Claims to be “strawberry” flavor. I couldn’t really detect the strawberry flavor. It’s from Dunkin’ Donuts, our local kosher Highland Park branch.

  • I love donuts! It’s really much better for me that there aren’t any though, I’d have to eat them all.

    Re the fairy party, we made crowns for our princess party – lengths of pink ribbon and a rubber band for a crown, and real or paper flowers taped or stapled on are perfect fairy decorations. They were a big hit at our house.

    • We did crowns for a princess party. But fairy-style crowns might work. I’m thinking maybe I should buy wands; handmade ones might be too floppy.

      I’ll have to Google for ideas, but ribbons and paper flowers sound like good fairy decoration ideas. Thanks.

  • No! No! No! That is cruel! I want a donat now – glazed with sprinkles! That is the sweetest photo I’ve seen! Happy birthday to princess!

  • I want one of those with a cup of coffee!
    Summer parties mean they can happen OUTSIDE! 🙂

    For your party I’m thinking of Pixie Sticks – ah, the sprinkling of fairy dust. Skittles – rainbow colors, butterflies, daisies (they could be artificial) lots of pastel colors – just some quick thinking.
    I’m sure it will be wonderful and I can’t wait to see the pictures. 🙂

    • Fairy dust. Good one. Magical rainbows. Oh, the possibilities are there…if only I had all the time and energy in the universe…

  • I’m a great donut fan, too –
    I also like how one little bite has been taken just from the first layer of sugar…and not the underneath.

  • I can see the kids liked the strawberry donuts, I am just surprised you could get it from them to photograph after the first bites.
    Happy birthday to the little one, and hope the fairy thing goes well. Make them all a wand just a star on end of a silver painted stick with a bit of sparkle and tinsel, fairly easy, for young children.

  • Fairy wand ideas:

    Sticks — can be painted/decorated by the kids

    an alternative would be to spraypaint the sticks in advance (silver/purple/pink)

    Decorations for the top of the wand:

    1. cardboard stars — kids can trace a star onto a cereal box, cut it out, then paint it or cover it in aluminum foil.

    2. styrofoam balls can also be used to top the wand, but I prefer cardboard stars for 3 main reasons:
    1. cheaper
    2. environmentally friendlier
    3. neater

    Adding sparkles is messy, but makes a nice affect.

    Adding ribbons is nice. Depending on how much you want to invest, you can get 1-3 different color ribbons for the kids to attach to their wands.


    Fairy games, just take the “normal” games and change the characters.

    For example, instead of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, copy a picture of tinkerbell in the cage (when she was caught by Captain Hook) and have the girls try to “place the key in the lock” to free tinkerbell.

    • Thanks, RivkA, these are all great ideas. I am thinking of maybe having the craft be fairy wreaths for their heads and I’ll make the wands in advance. I already own lots of ribbon. Sometimes when I go to the dollar store, I see some pretty ribbon and it comes home with my other purchase.

  • the doughnut looks great, reminds me of that other time when you had something with pink frosting and you asked people to guess what it was made from, and turned out that it was beet juice?

    Happy early birthday to your daughter!

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