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Summer Stock: Soccer Game

I played with this photo in Photoshop so it is more about the motions of the soccer game than the individual faces. I was working toward achieving a painterly look. The soccer game was in Johnson Park off River Road in Piscataway next to Highland Park.

In this version I pixelated the photo and then used the history eraser tool to bring the figures back to a clearer image.

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Ellie says

Looks like a video game a little - may be because soccer is an odd object to paint - but that gives a whole new field of opportunities :) Thought soccer is girl's sport in the USA - but team USA man is playing against Brazil at the final of the Confederation Cup - so I am wrong again!

Leora says

The man on the right is a professional soccer coach - I wrote about him last year:

(my son told me the U.S. won an important soccer match last week - I also didn't know there were U.S. folks so good at soccer)

mother in israel says

Very pretty.

Robin says

Very creative Leora, I wouldn't have thought to "paint" a soccer game.

Dianne says

you did a great job

I love the field they're playing on
it's other worldly

Thorne says

Very cool. With a bit more pixelation it would be quite pointilistic!

Jewish Side says

I like the effect of the second picture.

You really did catch the motion of it, with the feet up poised to kick.


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