Thursday Challenge: Sweet Orange


My daughter isn’t feel 100% tonight (I’m hoping she just needs a good night sleep), so I gave her a dose of nature’s medicine, an orange.

The theme for Thursday’s Challenge this week is SWEET (Candies, Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Honey, Nice-Sounding, Beloved, Charming,…).

17 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge: Sweet Orange

  • Much better then the pink covered sprinkling donat I still cannot forget :)This orange says – healthy written all over it! Hope your girl feels better soon!

    • Yeah, maybe she had one too many sweets last week. And she never seems to go to sleep early enough. Tonight she fell asleep soon after 8 pm. Hope that cures her.

  • Oh dear.I hope she feels better in the morning Leora….My daughter was here this weekend and sick. I had brought her a Tylenol and a cold cloth when she went to bed and she said it was nice having some “Mommy-Care” even at her age..LOL..

    • I take “Mommy-Care” at any age. Sometimes my kids give me mommy-care. My daughter does it like this: if you are tired, lie down, but first can you get me…and a list of ten things comes out of her mouth.

    • Yes, she woke up feeling fine! Obviously, a good night sleep was in order.

      A black plate. And I did fill in one spot of light in Photoshop with black.

  • Glad to hear that your daughter is B”H feeling better.

    I really like the contrast of the bright orange and the black background.

    Here in Israel, we never see oranges in the summer. Fruit is only available in season.

  • I love your picture. And your name. Leora is my middle name. My mother chose the name in honor of one of her best friends. I think it’s a beautiful name but I don’t hear it often.

    Anyway, the orange just glows against the black background! And I’m glad its healing powers worked, too.

  • that’s healthy and delicious especially if you’re not feeling well, every time my kids are sick i always gave them sweet oranges and apples and they feel better after eating.

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