Updates and an Iris

Purple Iris, photographed in May 2009
Purple Iris, photographed in May 2009

Since I don’t have to craft a full post (I would love to write a tech, business or even a recipe), I present an iris and these “postalinas” (mini one sentence posts):

  • Working on a new, free online course with Professor Roni Stauber for the Rutgers Bildner Center on the History of Zionism.
  • Blogger friends in Israel are posting about the drill today: Mother in Israel, Baila, Dina, Mimi and Mrs. S. Cosmic X remembers ducking under his desk in kindergarten.
  • Jameel posted about a vigil outside the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem. A friend on Facebook(used to live in Highland Park, now lives in Israel) mentioned this vigil, too.
  • Discovered a great post on Drupal vs. WordPress. And yes, I still want to develop expertise in both Drupal and WordPress. I will be working soon on converting a regular HTML website to WordPress so the small business owner can manage his own site.
  • Have a recipe for onions and mushrooms that is so simple but so delicious. Maybe next week I’ll post it?
  • Planning an exciting Nature Notes post for Thursday, courtesy of an email I got from Klara.

Which of these postalinas have meaning for you? Do you like the term ‘postalina’?

14 thoughts on “Updates and an Iris

  • Personally, I vote for the recipe.

    I’m not a big fan of postalina…. to me it conjures up a visual of a cute little 10 year old latina mail carrier…… {just sayin’…..}

  • I liked the postalina, but would like some elaboration. Are you teaching the online course, designing it, or are you a student?

    Also want the recipe. I adore mushrooms and onions, especially if it involves sauteeing.

    And thanks for the link!

    • Recipe soon.

      I put the course together. This means I coordinate the videotaping (done for this course), who edits what (still needs polishing), I put the images, maps, links, script, descriptions on the website online. I work with the person who converts the videotape and images into a Flash presentation. I add it to the registration I created for the other courses, and voila, free course. Roni Stauber, who is a professor at Tel Aviv University and a visitor to Rutgers, wrote the course and is the one in the videotape presenting the course.

      • That is really cool, Leora. You get to learn and get paid for it at the same time! (I’m assuming this is a paid job). If I had any computer skills at all, I would love that!

  • Thanks for the link.

    I like postalina. It sounds like the Hebrew word plastalina (plasticine), which is a favorite of Israeli gannenets.

  • The Iris are gorgeous Leora! I might need you help one day on WordPress, I actually own aguthrieimages.com but have not been able to download wordpress’s program for blog work (it is not the online manager) once I get the program downloaded and transfer my blog I may need some tips! I am so impressed with your constant desire to learn it is very cool! Still watching you on twitter as well!

    • Thanks, Amanda. One tip is to set up a practice WordPress database to learn and try and another for the real thing.

      I love learning. I have learned so much photography just by visiting and chatting with other bloggers!

  • Baila, yes, I get paid to learn. That’s the fun of working for academia (or any of the businesses for whom I do work…I learn from each one).

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