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Weekly Review with Rudbeckia

First Rudbeckia (black-eyed susan) of the summer in bloom, June 2009
First Rudbeckia (black-eyed susan) of the summer in bloom, June 2009

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  • Jew Wishes mentioned Journey from the Land of No by Roya Hakakian (review now offline, sadly), a book I highly recommend, especially if you want to learn about Iran. Roya is a good storyteller.
Ilana-Davita says

Thanks for the link. Just like last year the rudbekias in my garden are very far from blooming.
Shabbat Shalom to you.

Jew Wishes says

I like the perspective of the yellow beauty. The bud in the back will be blooming soon.

Thanks for the link.

Shabbat Shalom.

Leora says

My pleasure (on the link). I enjoy all your book reviews.

Ellie says

I like daisy like flowers. Too bad not allowed to count: loves me...loves me not... already cleared that til the end:) It has been an interesting week! Can't wait for kids to go back to school :)

Leora says

Didn't summer just begin? My kids (at least two out of three) are still in school; they have one more week.

ramblingwoods says

LOL..I looked at that and thought..gee..that looks just like a black eyes susan...OK..time for bed...


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