Weekly Review with Snapdragon

First snapdragon of summer is pink - self-seeded from last year's snapdragons
First snapdragon of summer is pink - self-seeded from last year's snapdragons

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Sky Watch: Rainbow in Edison
Stained Glass at Etz Ahaim
Ruby Tuesday: Red Signs
Today’s Flowers: Gaillardia, Rudbeckia, Lambs Ears & more
Summer Stock: Beach Drawings
Nature Notes: Slow Seed
Tomato Sauce Alternative (beet with yam sauce)

JPIX will appear on this blog on Sunday morning, so please come back and visit.

Upcoming in Highland Park: a clothing drive for Yad Leah in Israel from 9:30 AM until 12:30 PM. at Congregation Ohav Emeth
(someone remind me on Sunday to bring in some clothes for them)


Gilad Shalit was three years in captivity on Thursday:

Iran: Its About the Women (hat tip: Ilana-Davita)
When we heard Dr. Kedar speak in Highland Park a few months ago, he had a similar message in general about Islam — they don’t want women to have freedom.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Review with Snapdragon

  • Looking forward to JPIX. I must remember to advertise it first thing Sunday morning along with the next installment of the MesorahProject.
    Meanwhile Shabbat Shalom.

    • Actually, this week was almost all photo memes, which take me a lot less time than other posts. It was more of a busy work week for me (although Thursday I spent a lot more time on Twitter tweeting #Gilad than I usually do).

      I see I forgot to add the recipe, the one that took me the longest. I’ll add it now.

  • Oh, now I know what you guys call this beautiful flower.
    I like these a lot, but I doubt I’ve seen this coulour before.

  • My grandma had this flower in her garden always – she called it – the puppies – because if you squeeze it – it looks like a barking dog – Shame of me – but as a kid I squeezed many of my grandma’s puppies – she had them in different colors – but they bark the same 🙂

    • Sara, any time a visit is welcome, especially for a comment about snapdragons.

      Yes, I love that they do! I have them all over the front of my house now, along with the yellow black-eyed Susans and white alyssum. I have learned which flowers are happy in my soil.

  • The snapdragon is beautiful. Mine used to come back from seeds set in the fall but the past few years I haven’t had any. I have a lot of plants like that which didn’t come back during a drought but once it ended many still didn’t come back.

    I was sorry to read about the host of JPIX’s mother on your top post and will send out good thoughts and prayers for her.

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