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Window Views on 5th Avenue


I photographed this house on 5th Avenue in New York City with Mary’s Window Views meme in mind. Hardly looks like a house, does it?


Here is more of the house. I believe this is the Harry F. Sinclair House, which was built in 1898 for stockbroker and banker Isaac Fletcher. The architect is Charles Pierrepont Henry (C.P.H.) Gilbert; the name does not ring a bell for me among the greats of American architecture. I wonder what it looks like inside?

For more window views, visit:

Oh, and here it is in sepia, with a bit of blue sky:


Deb says

Fabulous architecture! either way is nice!

Ilana-Davita says

Very impressive mansion. Great in sepia too.

felisol says

A rare building with towers, spikes and spires.
The green copper over the attic windows.
I don't know about how high class the architect was. I like his work, it's romantic and elaborate, lots and lots of money and work spent to create those tiny details.
In sepia one can even more admire the minutiae plaster or mason work.
From Felisol

ellen b says

Oh very cool. Love the architecture. They just don't build them like they used to :0)

Ralph says

This offers a classic view of Victorian and olde money. The details showcase the era, and made out of stone, an engineering marvel. A bit cold in character but complex in styling details. It says 'Fifth Avenue' and 'Central park' wonderfully!

mary says

Spooky looking almost.

Dianne says

so much amazing detail!

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Sure is fancy! My Sepia Scene this week is a bit over the top too. ;-) This works very well in sepia!

Carletta says

This is truly wonderful architecture - romantic in feel. I'd want my room to be behind that curtained window.
Your sepia treatment with a hint of blue and green was very well done.
I can only dream..... :)

Lew says

Well done!I would guess that the inside is as ornate as the outside.

Eaton Bennett says

Gorgeous house, love all the fiddly architectural embellishments. :)

Tricia says

Such a cool photo! Great shot & sepia too

ramblingwoods says

That is an interesting looking house and it looks good in the sepia too...

judi says

Nice both ways.

Mottel says

Awesome shot!

Robin says

Fabulous building. I like it better in color than in sepia, you miss those wonderful greens in sepia.

Leora says

Perhaps because you see it in sepia, you can appreciate what it has in the full color version.

Author says

Well I just love this pic - I have a soft spot for 5th Avenue anyway because I got married there (at the beautiful Victorian Presbytarian church almost opposite Trump Tower)- although I am English and live in England (UK).

My entry:

Milo and Alfie's entry:

kaye says

fantastic building, I also like the color better. Hope you can stop by to see my sepia scene and window views Thanks!

Ellie says

Very beautiful! I miss the big city when I see pictures like that.

Jewish Side says

looks great in sepia
and amazing house, it looks like a mansion!

Julia says

What a stunning building. they just don't make them like that anymore. It looks great in sepia also.


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