Oak Leaf Hydrangea in Pink

Oak Leaf Hydrangea Turns Pink; Heuchera on the Side
Oak Leaf Hydrangea Turns Pink; Heuchera on the Side

Life has been busy. Birthday party on Sunday morning went well, and we (husband, middle son and I) went to see a movie about the 12th century scholar Rashi on Monday night (Rashi: A Light After the Dark Ages). I am trying hard to keep up with my work, so less time (and energy) to blog right now. Do I have anything interesting to report? Yesterday my car didn’t start in the Middlesex County College parking lot (it was lot 11 – they have lots of parking lots there) with three kids in the car. Triple A (AAA) fixed it – it needed a new battery – but while we awaiting AAA’s arrival, the girls (my daughter and her friend) found a little artificial stream to play in. They claimed to have seen two beavers, one a baby beaver. I was glad I didn’t have my camera, because I needed to focus on the matters at hand (getting the car fixed!).

A little less than a week ago I thought about writing a post called “Disagreeing Respectfully.” But then life got so busy, I can’t remember what I was going to say on the topic. Could be my subconscious need to avoid conflict.

Haveil Havalim, the blog carnival of the Jewish blogosphere, was hosted by Toby of Efrat in the Rolling Hills of Judea, The 4th of July Weekend Edition.

Did you have any car problems this week? Any other problems you want to talk about? Or you can just enjoy the oak leaf hydrangea with a bit of pink in the petals and the waving dotted heuchera (coral bells) next to the hydrangea flower.

16 thoughts on “Oak Leaf Hydrangea in Pink

  • The same blossoms turn from white to pink? That is SO cool (and very pretty too).

    My sympathies on the car, I’ve been stuck more times in my life than I care to remember, in a variety of fairly unsavory locations, but getting stuck with kids is definitely the worst. I’m glad they found something fun and safe to amuse themselves while you waited.

    • It wasn’t that bad, because of the location. Someone stopped and asked if I needed help, and I told him AAA was on its way. But he probably would have jumped my car if I had wanted. And he told me the counseling office at the college was open, so they could probably help, too. I sent the girls to the bathroom inside while my son and I waited, and a woman helped the girls find the bathroom.

      So nice to have so many helpful people!

  • Really beautiful pic! I miss hydrangeas and rhododendrons. 🙁 We had big pink and white rhododendrons in my back yard growing up in CT. We have oleander here in Israel but they’re not the same ( and I’ve heard they’re poisonous).

    My biggest fear is getting stuck with the kids, which is why I refuse to drive out of Ranaana/Kfar Saba with my car (97 Mitsubishi Sedan). So far, so good, even though it feels like the car is on its last legs.

    I keep jumper cables in my car now, in case of a battery running out. And the one time I got really stuck, when my starter pooped out right after I dropped off my oldest at gan and it started to rain- there was a garage about 50 yards away from where my car was. The nice mechanic and the guard from the gan pushed it over for me! Talk about lucky…

    • No such thing as AAA in Israel yet? Now there’s a business someone could consider. The AAA guy said batteries and starters are the main reasons cars don’t start. I have the jumper cables, but the AAA guy tested my battery and replaced it, so even better.

      • Actually, there are several similar companies in Israel. They don’t do maps and travel guides like AAA, but they do specialize in roadside assistance, emergency towing, etc. (Our car insurance includes free membership in one such company.)

        I’m glad to hear that the party went well. Please post pictures!

  • I’m sorry you had cr issues and that you and your children were stuck.

    I love hydrangeas. The photo is beautiful, with the hydrangeas so delicate looking.

  • Sorry about your car. I remember we had a flat tire 5 years ago when attending open house at NCState University – for the first time I didn’t have my fist aid kit/incl pump/ and the spare tire was deflated – so my husband and I ended up calling tow-truck to help us pump the tire. Glad the kids cooperated!

  • Your oak leaf hydrangea is beautiful. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I saw yours turned 7, mine turned 24 this year. Time surely passes on quickly.

  • um, was it my post to you about living in America that got you started about disagreeing respectfully. Now here’s one – did Pinchas disagree respectfully????

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