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Basil Pesto with Noodles, Recipe on the Blog This Week
Basil Pesto with Noodles, Recipe on the Blog This Week

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Garden Fresh Basil Pesto

Seeking Comfort

Ruby Tuesday: Peaches, Plums, Flowers and Fun
Watery Bubbles in the Sky
Today’s Flowers: Lily, Coreopsis and Sweet Pea

A Discussion of Scandal and Other Discomforting Events

Elsewhere on the Web

  • Consolation Prizes: Nachmu, Nachmu Ami (hat tip: Klara) From the article:

    Loss necessarily creates a vacuum in our lives whereas consolation is the process of reordering our focus in view of emerging new needs. Consolation allows us to displace some of the importance once attributed to what we’ve lost onto a new locus. So when Yitzchak marries Rivka, we are told (Bereishit 24:67) that he is finally consoled for his mother. He finally finds a new locus for his appreciation of feminine compassion and care that was embodied by his mother.

    And then he continues with saying in the Jewish month of Av, which is always in the summer, we enjoy nature. The month of Elul comes right before Rosh Hashana, we concentrate on prayer. “The various rituals of Av and Elul allow us to be more prepared for Rosh Hashanah without a Beit haMikdash. ”

  • Daniel on Baseless Hatred Today
  • Mottel has another riddle. Can you guess the 6? (I couldn’t, but his readers did).

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