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Animals at Farm and Fair

In honor of my daughter who will run an animal shelter in twenty years according to her camp newsletter

Sleepy Cat at Howell Living History Farm in New Jersey
Sleepy Cat at Howell Living History Farm in New Jersey

And when the cat awoke, three little girls played with her.

They also played with this dog. The dressed-up-in-old-fashioned-clothes women at the farm taught the girls how to throw a corn cob so the dog would go catch it. The dog quickly and happily did so. Then the dog followed the girls around, eager for another game of “catch the corn cob.”

This rooster photo goes nicely with the photos of the hens on this post about the farm.

Even the geese at the farm show off for the visitors.

One of the best parts of the Middlesex County Fair back in early August is the animals. There was a Vietnamese Pot Belly (looked like a little ugly pig), but I didn’t get a photo.

It’s fun to watch the chicks at the fair hatch from the little eggs.

This week we are headed down to Cape May, the southernmost part of New Jersey. Should be lots of photo opportunities.

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Rona Michelson says

Great pictures! I'll have to get you a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig picture next time I get there. Thanks for some terrific photos!

Dianne says

how cool that she loves animals and wants to run a shelter

great photos

enjoy Cape May
toot the horn as you pass Exit 117, I'll know it's you :)

Leora says

You live near my in-laws! We travel through your area a lot.

Not sure if she knows what an animal shelter is, that was just her counselor's prediction. ;-)

Joyce says

Working at an animal shelter is a good goal for your little daughter at camp. Cape May is wonderful so enjoy your trip down there and I hope you post photos of that trip. I use to live in Jersey and went to Cape May often and really miss those lovely old homes.

Jew Wishes says

These photos are wonderful! I love the one with the geese, and the one with the baby chicks.

Each photo has fantastic textures...

Leora says, I didn't even notice that, but now that you mention it, I see straw, gravel, run-down farm wood, touchable wings, softness of a goat and the metallic of a grate.

Melissa says

The animals of the future will just adore her and love her help and nurturing.

Mrs. S. says

Have a wonderful time on your vacation!

Dimple says

These are great shots. I never thought of throwing corn cobs for our dog; but then she doesn't seem to know what fetching is-she will chase things, but not pick them up!

I like the cat and the rooster best!

Sara says

Such colorful eggs in that last photo! How pretty.

What a treat for children to experience a taste of this kind of living so close to the land. It's something I can remember being around a little bit as a kid (a very long time ago!) but it seems to be lost to us least where I live in the huge metropolis sprawl surrounding Los Angeles.

Jientje says

I'd LOVE to see that, chicks hatching! They're cute! Oh and you know, geese ALWAYS show off! Loved this series Leora!

Bird says

The animals all look so chilled out - especially the cat and dog! I wish your daughter well with her animal loving future :D

Ilana-Davita says

Your daughter certainly seems to enjoy patting these animals. And she does it gently. She'd love our dog.

Ellie says

It is OK with me as long as somebody else take care of the poor things - I am a cat person and was very exiting to see the kitty picture - my husband just said - remember - cat food, cat litter, shedding... he just killed all the excitement... may be one day if we get a house...
Your daughter looks drawn into it - the animals around her!
I still think those roosters on a post few weeks ago looked unforgettable!

Robin from Israel says

What a wonderful outing for your daughter, she must have had a terrific day.

kaye says

it does seem to have been a good day for you, your photo's are very nice. my summer stock photo can be seen here

ramblingwoods says

Maybe she will be a vet. Leora.. My sister decided that she wanted to work with animals when she was a little girl and she did it....I love the fair animals.....

mother in israel says

I love the animal and daughter pix. Have a great vacation!

bim says

An outing I would have loved! The photos are great - especially the roosetr.

gp says

here where we're surrounded by a veritable "animal house".. so awesome that your daughter is obviously so sensitive to G-d's creatures


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