Animals at Farm and Fair

In honor of my daughter who will run an animal shelter in twenty years according to her camp newsletter

Sleepy Cat at Howell Living History Farm in New Jersey
Sleepy Cat at Howell Living History Farm in New Jersey

And when the cat awoke, three little girls played with her.

They also played with this dog. The dressed-up-in-old-fashioned-clothes women at the farm taught the girls how to throw a corn cob so the dog would go catch it. The dog quickly and happily did so. Then the dog followed the girls around, eager for another game of “catch the corn cob.”

This rooster photo goes nicely with the photos of the hens on this post about the farm.

Even the geese at the farm show off for the visitors.

One of the best parts of the Middlesex County Fair back in early August is the animals. There was a Vietnamese Pot Belly (looked like a little ugly pig), but I didn’t get a photo.

It’s fun to watch the chicks at the fair hatch from the little eggs.

This week we are headed down to Cape May, the southernmost part of New Jersey. Should be lots of photo opportunities.

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