Landscape vs. Auto of Cape May

Lighthouse in Cape May, taken from Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge
Lighthouse in Cape May, taken from Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge

Cape May is quite scenic, with open space and natural beauty. I took this shot from the Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge using the Landscape setting on my camera, which tends to enrich blues and greens and compensate for distance. After visiting the refuge, we headed to the lighthouse. My seven-year-old daughter did not want to climb 200 steps, so with some trepidation I handed my camera to my twelve-year-old and asked him to take photos from the top. I think he did quite well, but I wish I had left the camera on Landscape instead of Auto. Auto seems to look a bit washed out on such a bright day. Here are three of his photos:
Those red bars are protective bars on the walkways of the lighthouse. Rather artsy shot, no?

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14 thoughts on “Landscape vs. Auto of Cape May

  • He did a great job – and you ARE a brave mom for letting him have it. I let Itai have my camera for two shots – of me – while I was right there, ensuring that the strap stayed firmed wrapped around his wrist – three times around.

    • Yes, he’s the filmmaker and artist, though we had a competition in the car, my daughter being the judge, and the eldest, who has never taken an art lesson outside of elementary school art, did quite well, in my biased motherly opinion. My daughter named a theme, and we (my two sons and I) took turns drawing the scene in an old notebook.

  • Your little one definitely has a good eye. Isn’t Cape May just gorgeous? Hope you share more photos and your assistants photos of Cape May in the future.

  • And in ref to your philosophical comment at my “Summer Stock Sunday” post, sometimes a little cartoonish couple dancing on top of a money bag is just a little cartoonish couple dancing on top of a money bag. Ha! 🙂

  • I would say he did GREAT! And yes – quite artsy! I’ll tell ya – these kids and gadgetry just GO together though! When we were at the 4th of July parade here, my grandaughter (4 year old) wanted to take some pictures. I was right there with her, so I gave her my camera and let her give it a go — she got some BETTER shots than I did!!! LOL! I think gadget is in their blood these days!

    • He has his own camera. He uses it to make movies. What he really wants now is his own video camera, which he can buy with his bar-mitzvah money (bar-mitzvah is SOON – in October).

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