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Laundry for Ellipsis Monday

I’ve been lurking at a photo meme called Ellipsis Monday. I found it because EG Wow! sometimes participates. Anywhooo, we get to Cape May, a beautiful, old fashioned town at the bottom of the New Jersey coastline and what do I photograph: someone’s laundry so I can participate in this meme. Sorry, no detergent was seen at the scene.

I did also happen to get some nature, beach, arcade, zoo, Victorian houses, lighthouse, birds, wildflowers, butterfly and other shots. Stay tuned.

Carly says

Hi Leora :)

Welcome to the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot! First of all, to answer your question, you did PERFECT! I am so pleased you decided to join us, you picked a good week as it is the 1 year anniversary of the meme being hosted on my blog! Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I love the photo you chose for the assignment. It is just perfect. I can tell you are an avid shutterbug like I am. :) Cool! By the way I would also like to invite you to join us for the Round Robin Photo Challenges, we play that meme every other Saturday. Here is the url. Check it out! Anyway, once again, WELCOME!

RR Challenge

Ilana-Davita says

Very interesting shot: the lines, the stripes, the hues of blue and black... and the laundry!

Jew Wishes says

What a fantastic photo! I like the contrasts of tones and textures. I really like laundry photos, there is something about them...

ramblingwoods says

Well...that is different. We aren't allowed to hang laundry out here...

Jama says

Laundry lines- that's something not very common here, most of us use the bamboo poles to hang out our laundry!

nadine1111 says

Very nice photo.Greeting from Bulgaria.

Suzanne R says

Welcome to Ellipsis! I like your picture -- it has a very artistic look to it. Great job!

Mike says

You took pictures of someone else's laundry? That's funny. And good work, too. Welcome to the photoshoots.

Leora says

And very artsy underwear it was!


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