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Roommates and Some Nominations

First, Haveil Havalim is at Westbankmama’s blog.

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There is an upcoming Jewish Bloggers Convention in Israel on September 13, 2009. I would like to nominate two bloggers for the convention: Soccer Dad and Baila.

I am nominating Soccer Dad for many of the reasons Batya wrote on this post. Besides founding Haveil Havalim, he has participated in the other two Jewish blog carnivals, JPIX and Kosher Cooking Carnival (which he has also hosted). I see from this post many others agree with this nomination.

As to Baila, she writes it well herself: “Two years ago my family and I arrived in Israel on the same NBN flight–the last one of the summer. I was in shell-shock. We had just come off a really tough time with Liat being so ill that year. I was numb throughout the flight and have since said, I wish I could do it again without all the “baggage”–so to speak. This would be my chance.” Who else of the Jewish women bloggers has this kind of energy and enthusiasm to help others with their aliyah experience? Besides, I think she would be best at breaking it gently to all those new families that they will not be able to purchase baby carrots in their local supermarket.

Thank you to IsraMom for nominating me. And I totally, I agree, I wish I could send Ilana-Davita to Israel, too!

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roommatesToday and yesterday I started and finished reading Roommates: My Grandfather’s Story by Max Apple. Great book, it was written prior to I Love Gootie about his grandmother, which I previously reviewed. Max lived with his grandfather (Rocky, shortened from Yerachmiel) when he was in graduate school. After he gets married and has two kids, his wife becomes terminally ill, and his grandfather, by then over 100, steps in to help. A bittersweet tale of closeness between the generations, the grandfather is at the same time tough and stubborn and caring and fun. Here’s what Max hears about Rocky’s trip to Jerusalem in 1968:

Rocky didn’t find any synagogue that satisfied him, but there were so many that he complained about a different one each day.

Mrs. S. says

I would love to be able to meet both you and Ilana-Davita!

Have a wonderful week!

Ilana-Davita says

Leora and Mrs.S.: Maybe one of these days we'll manage to organize something and meet. Meanwhile, not being American or Israeli, I don't qualify for the Jewish Bloggers Convention in Israel.

Leora says

Maybe the hubby and I will take a special trip to France on our way to Israel (see how I dream?). Or you can meet us in northern Italy? In about ten years.

Ilana-Davita says

Both ideas are fine with me. :-)

Jew Wishes says

Oh, I would definitely love to be part of a meeting.

mother in israel says

In my Google Reader, the quote about Minyanim came just above The Rebbetzin Husband's post called Choosing a Minyan.
I would be happy to meet any of those bloggers.

Baila says

Thank you Leora. That was really sweet. Maybe you'll win and I'll get to meet you?

Abbi says

Aww, i read roomates a really long time ago. Possibly in college. Great great book.


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