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Traffic by Jill Caporlingua

Traffic, a painting by Jill Caporlingua
Traffic, Acrylic On Canvas by Jill Caporlingua, 2009

Jill’s painting of Traffic has been voted among 12 other artists’ work to be displayed in New Jersey. Beginning the week of August 17th, Traffic will be on a billboard on Route 9 at Ticetown Road in Middlesex County. Congratulations, Jill! Jill is my children’s art teacher and a friend.

For more art by Jill Caporlingua, visit

Upcoming: tomorrow I will have a special guest interview with a wonderful illustrator. Hope you will visit then, too!

Batya says

Great picture, has it all.

Ilana-Davita says

Wonderful news. I had tried to vote for it but one had to provide a NJ address so I couldn't do it. I am glad it won enough votes to be displayed.
We'll be on the road (first half of the journey back) tomorrow but I'll try and visit in the evening.

Jill says

Thanks Leora!
It's very exciting. I haven't had the time to drive by yet. I took tomorrow off for my birthday, so maybe I'll make that my day trip!

Melissa says


You are a Sweetheart. Thank you for your kind comments.

Actually, I am being treated for my illness and am doing fine now.

I adore you and your blog.


East Gwillimbury WOW! says

I really like this with its bold shapes and colours.

Jientje says

Beautiful artwork, I love it.

Jew Wishes says

Beautiful painting...great creativity, with vibrant tones.

ramblingwoods says

I like this..she is very talented


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