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Wildflowers of Cape May

Wish I knew the name of this lovely yellow wildflower I photographed at the Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge.

These tiny, delicate flowers are called marsh pinks.

The woman at the bird refuge told me these small, daisy-like, yellow flowers are camphor.

Can anyone identify the flowers in my Nature Notes post? I think they may be ageratum.

For more flowers, visit Today’s Flowers:

Here are all my Cape May photos.

Carletta says

Beautiful wildflowers Leora!
Cute centers on those marsh pinks.

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

Ilana-Davita says

I wish I could help but unfortunately I can't!
The shots of Cape May you have been showing are all lovely. You seem to have chosen a fine place for your vacation break.

Leora says

I had no idea how lovely it was when my husband and son arranged the trip. I was expecting arcades and amusement park rides (Wildwood has these-we didn't go)...we did do the arcades, for about an hour.

It's good I did my own research so I could find some spots I liked, too, instead of all beach.

Joanna says

Those little delicate pink ones are such a beautiful colour.

Gunilla says

The nature itself are so beautiful and those lovely flowers are fantastic.

Gunilla in Sweden

EG wow says

OH! I love the wildflowers you found around Cape May! Good sleuthing. ;-)

Tabib says

Beautiful wild flowers. Don't know the name though.

My Sanctuary says

they are very cute and beautiful, I love wild flowers too..

April says

Lovely pictures of wildflowers! The marsh pinks are so dainty and pretty. Sorry I can't help with the id.

sandy says

pretty roadway

Dimple says

Those yellow flowers are beautiful, but I don't know the name either.

ramblingwoods says

Sorry...I can't help, but what a beautiful area Leora...

Regina says

Lovely blooms. Great shots.

southbrowneyes says

such a dainty violet and golden yellow flowers.

mimi says

dainty garden of flowers.

minie says

gorgeous colorful flowers.

Arja says

Beautiful wildflowers can be equally well enjoyed without knowing all their man given names.

Leora says

I am just kicking myself because I asked the name of three wildflowers before I left, and I only remember 2 out of the 3! Somehow knowing their names is like knowing a person better; I feel more connected.


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