44th of 44 and Persepolis

Robin has been hosting Summer Stock Sunday all summer, and this week is the closing week. I couldn’t decide what to post, so I went with the 44th photo of the 44th album of my 2009 directory of photos. And here is a striking yellow and orange flowery umbrella from Sandy Hook Beach. Bye, bye summer.

I read a graphic novel called Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi today. It is a young girl’s tale about living through the Iranian Revolution. I would like to write more about the book, in another post; but I’ll first ask: have any of you ever read the book? Or seen the movie? I relate the book a bit to going to the beach, because at the beach I often find people wear less than my comfort level, and in the book, the women and girls are obligated to wear the veil (two extremes). Her story reminded me of my grandmother’s own story, of living through the Russian Revolution. Marjane, however, had it easier: at least her family had food to eat. During the starvation period, my grandmother used to tell me, she had to walk many miles in the cold Russian winter just to get a frozen potato that was often black inside. One ate what one could find.

Thanks, Robin, for a summer shared with others.


19 thoughts on “44th of 44 and Persepolis

  • What a pretty image with the flowery umbrella against the blue sky. Thank you for sharing it, and all your other lovely images, all summer long. I’m glad the project touched you in an unexpected way.

    I’ve never heard of the book you mention, but I found Azar Nafisi’s “Reading Lolita in Tehran” to be a very interesting read.

  • I remember you had a picture of a flower reaching all the way to the sky – this one reminds me of that one. Lovely! I like yellow and blue together!

  • What a pretty umbrella! It looks like the skirt of a Spanish dancer.

    I haven’t read the book that you mention, but about beach clothing: knowing more about other people than I used to, I don’t think anyone needs to see my bikini line, etc. I like to keep myself to myself. I wear lightweight nylon shorts and a fruit-of-the-loom cotton tank over my swimsuit and just leave it on in the water and out. It’s easy to swim in and dries quickly, and I never have to worry about more showing than I would like. Not a veil, but I’ve found my comfort level.

    • And isn’t it great where we live in a society where we can make that choice! In Marjane’s childhood world, all the girls and women have to wear the veil. Period.

  • That is a lovely photo. I haven’t heard of the book.
    What a story about your grandmother; it is awful what people have to go through sometimes! But the will to survive is powerful.

  • Thanks for sharing the photo and also the story of your GM. I have not read the book but have now written down the title. I love to read and did some at the beach this summer. I seem to have a bit more time to read in the Fall and Winter as the days get shorter and the nights longer. Oh how I wish it was summer 365 days a year. See you next summer my friend.

    • And you are an excellent way for us to do so, with your three memes…I have some Window Views I have been meaning to post, if I’m ever not crazed on a Wednesday.

  • at the beach I often find people wear less than my comfort level
    Exactly something I could have written. On the other hand, as you pointed out, We are lucky to have the choice to wear what we wish to wear.
    I haven’t read the book but I have seen the movie. I thought it was great while dealing with a lot of issues.

  • Leora,

    I have not heard of, nor read this book.

    It sounds like something that I would devour in one sitting.

    My mother left me with a voracious appetite for books, well at least for reading them, Ha Ha.



  • I caught a yellow flower today – inspired by this photo. For a first time I tried to take a picture from below – it turned not bad – I posted it.

  • Nice and simple, I like that! I am a big comic geek, so of course I’ve seen Persepolis at my local comic shop, but haven’t decided to pick it up. I’ve also seen the movie at the library (where I borrow movies for free rather than spend money renting them), but I generally avoid seeing movies of books, as I am usually disappointed! If I do choose to indulge, I’ll probably go the comic route – thanks for the suggestion – it’s been nice sharing the Summer, hope to see you around!

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