Birds of Cape May

My local birding expert thinks this is probably a laughing gull that I photographed at the Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge.

I learned a lot about birds at the museum near the Cape May lighthouse. Can anyone guess what this is for? OK, I’ll tell you: it’s for housing purple martins. Which apartment would you take if you were a purple martin? To me, a purple martin looks like someone dunked a bird in a oil slick.

This big stuffed thing in the museum was the closest I got to photographing an osprey.

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17 thoughts on “Birds of Cape May

  • You did a great job capturing the bird in flight. So lovely against the sky and I love the purple martins house. That’s great to be able to learn about birds in the museum. I always have trouble with stuffed animals but I guess I understand the benefit to a museum for educational purposes. I have mixed feelings about it.

  • I too was taken back a bit by the stuffed bird but I can see why it would be good for educational purposes. Thank you so much for posting that info about goldenrod. I am going to try to figure out what kind I have in the back. You mentioned milkweed and I understand that it can be really pretty and smell beautiful so that it can be in a regular garden or you could do some in container plants which I may try. I would LOVE to be able to watch a butterfly from egg to adult. I bet your daughter would love that too… Michelle

  • Great shots, I love the martin house. My son left his guinea pig here when he moved out and I must admit to having fallen in love with it. Such a gentle little sweet animal. It actually loves to cuddle and never bites and they make the most interesting noises.

    • Does anyone ever hire nannies for guinea pigs? The only person who has offered to care for the guinea pig is my daughter (who is 7). I think a guinea pig nanny would make the whole proposition quite expensive.

  • I’ve never heard of a “laughing gull” but I like it already. Great photo of it in flight.

    My dad and grandfather used to put up martin houses in the gardens, as martins eat tons of insects. They’re not particularly pretty birds, but are very useful.

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