Fourth of the Fourth – Sycamore

sycamore tree streak
I wanted to post something fun this morning, and I stumbled upon James’ fine photo of Glenside, Pennsylvania. It turns out this was a challenge to post the fourth photo from my fourth folder and explain it. I had previously posted about these American sycamores on a Skywatch post here. The photo was taken in the depths of January winter, and I love the idea of posting off season photos.

The rules are below:
1. Open the fourth file where you store your photos.
2. Pick the 4th photo.
3 . Explain the photo.
4. Pass challenge onto 4 other bloggers.

Please, anyone who wants to do this please do so, but to give some of my photo blogger friends a poke I’ll pass this on to Ilana-Davita, Jientje, Robin, and Ellie. Do it whenever you are in the mood for something different.

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