Ghosts of Cape May

Ghost of Cape May on Lafayette Street
Ghost of Cape May on Lafayette Street

Boo! There are two ghost tours in Cape May, New Jersey. The one above is on Lafayette Street; the other, located in an inn on Beach Avenue, calls itself the “original” ghost tour. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to go on either ghost tour (boo, hoo). My middle son, who typically likes getting scared, insisted that it would be too much history (both are walking tours). And for my daughter, who wanted to go, well, the next tour *started* at 9 pm, which is only 1/2 hour past her bedtime. And I’m afraid she *would* be scared.

Here’s the above ghost on Lafayette Street in her setting on the porch of Elaine’s Bed and Breakfast. Maybe this is Elaine?

We went into the office of original Cape May ghost tour at the Hotel Macomber, which was across the street from this dusk scene. The woman behind the counter assured my son that the tour was indeed scary, but my son didn’t take the bait.

We visited two great haunted houses when we were at Lake George a few years back. Do you have any memorable haunted house stories?

MrsMoNJ posted about some ghost tours in Princeton, New Jersey.

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12 thoughts on “Ghosts of Cape May

  • Hi. I’m the Summer Stock Sunday newbie/late-bie. What a great post! We’ve been meaning for several years to get to Cape May. I’m going to read all your Cape May posts. Regarding ghosts, I never walk past the graveyard at Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg without getting shivers, or look up into church’s tower windows at dusk without seeing a pale face and quivering candlelight. So when I see the ghost tour groups, wandering the streets after dark, carrying glowing lanterns, I know to NOT join them. I’d never sleep again.

  • Yes there are several ghost tours in Savannah that we have attended with friends. Not sure I would like to actually stay at the Inn that is suppose to be haunted:) I think every town has their own ghost tour and seem to always be popular. Who does not like to be scared half to death:)

  • Ghost tours surely with a crowd of whispering scared tourists all ghosts would hide in their favourite cubby holes. i think I would be too scared to go on such a tour. great for teenage boys though. Our country is too new for many ghosts,I can’t think of any.

  • I’ve never been to Cape May but my parents really enjoyed it, especially all the old Victorians. I’m not really a ghost tour sort of person though, I’d rather hear the stories in broad (safe LOL) daylight!

  • Boo! That lady look ghostly! Interesting place I get scared in haunted houses where I have to walk by myself – really scary to take a step wondering what is behind the corner!

  • Elaine is quite a woman! Wooden woman that is.

    I scare easily, but I might like a ghost tour if there is a lot of interesting history involved.

    Sounds like your family had a good vacation.

    • Haunted houses and aliens…yes, I do think they go together. I have one son that likes being scared and one that likes stories about inter-planetary invasions.

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