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Thursday Challenge: Bottle of Red

Bottle of Barkan wine, empty after our Rosh Hashana meals
Bottle of Barkan wine, empty after our Rosh Hashana meals

This week’s Thursday Challenge theme is BOTTLES (Containers, Cup, Mug, Vase, Beverage, Cosmetic, Ornamental,…).

Shelly says

Nice dof on this.

G6 says

I love this picture!
It actually reminds me of summer.......

Leora says

It was kinda hot today when I took the photo...

Jama says

Nice shot!

magiceye says

beautifully composed and shot!

Ilana-Davita says

Great shot! I like the framing and the blurred background.

nonizamboni says

Nicely done--love the fence and the clarity of the bottle.

Jew Wishes says

What a wonderful photo...and the perspective is unique. I like how the light bounces off of the bottle. It's such a great composition.

ramblingwoods says

Like the shot and the blur in the background...


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