Weekly Review with Beet Watercolor

Beet Leaf, watercolor on paper, 2008
Beet Leaf, watercolor on paper, 2008

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Gull over the water by the beach at Cape May, New Jersey   Chalfonte Hotel, Cape May, New Jersey (built in 1876)   Ghost of Cape May on Lafayette Street

Hibiscus Outside a Restaurant in Cape May, New Jersey   beachfront   southern_franklin

Thanks to everyone who commented on my new “Websites for Small Biz” blog project. This morning I tried to put a fancy magazine theme on the new blog; the fancy shmancy theme crashed the blog, so I had to delete it. I will be experimenting with themes for a while on that blog. There are lots of details to fine tune on a new blog.

Would love to get some comments on my Anne of Green Gables post (thanks, Mrs. S., for being #1!).

I am excited to have another guest blogger that I interviewed. She is from New Jersey, and she writes about: playgrounds! Come back on Wednesday to learn more.

Rosh Hashana is coming next week – for the Jewish New Year, Jews around the world are (supposed to be) preparing themselves spiritually for the day. I approach the upcoming holiday by exploring the simanim, the food symbols that we put on the table. Beets, pictured in the above watercolor, are one siman. More on the simanim next week.

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These bloggers wrote memorials for 9/11:

Looking for recipes for the upcoming Jewish holidays? Visit:

15 thoughts on “Weekly Review with Beet Watercolor

  • Just checking in to say hi, Shabbat Shalom, loved that watercolor last year, looking forward to the squash one this year and thanks for the link. Whew.

    I have not had a chance to check out your new blog yet, but I will. I think this one, though, will be more for me, so I’m hoping you don’t cut down…

    • Baila, thanks so much for continuing to enjoy my current blog! I have no plans to cut down on this one, other than to allow myself to not blog at all for a few days when life gets truly crazed.

      I hope I can squeeze in the time for the watercolor on Sunday. Need to do stuff just for me, too, right?

      Glad you found the time to commemorate 9/11. It’s hard for me even to think about that horrible day.

  • Hi Leora,
    Thanks for noticing me. I hope to take a look at your new blog during the week but all b’li neder. I have to take advantage of the new year to resolve to be more organized and then maybe I’ll have enough time to read everything I’d like to.
    …dream on, Risa

    • It helps that you put up your posts in Facebook – I tend to click on them, even if I don’t comment.

      Don’t feel pressure to look at the new blog – if you are not in small business or in web design/development, it may not be for you, anyway. See, I’m trying to help you take one more thing off your list.

      Shana Tova, Risa.

    • You mean the theme I tried that I deleted? No big deal, I expect I’ll be trying out a bunch of different themes until I find a good fit. Then I will inevitably branch away from the theme and make it my own theme.

  • Thanks for the shout-out. 🙂

    Are you going to be watching the convention online today? I have a parent-teacher meeting tonight and a long list of things (e.g. work, cooking, etc.) to get done before Rosh Hashanah, but I hope to find some time to watch.

    Have a great week!

    • I will probably tune in and out…

      Thanks for starting that Anne discussion. I hope to do more discussing books (just read Persepolis – and I recommend it, too). Seems like a good fall thing to do, as we will have less time to romp around in the sunshine.

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