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Nature Notes: Sparrows Visiting

The weather got warmer midweek, and the sparrows seem to enjoy my house.

sparrow_rosehips  sparrows2  sparrow_on_roof
sparrow_hide  sparrow_fluttering  sparrows_roofedge

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Carver says

I love the shots of the sparrows. That are always a welcome sight to me.

G6 says

I love the "wing flutter" :)

Robin from Israel says

I love the wings in that sparrow shot!

Josie Ray says

Beautiful sunlight and shadow photos of the birds.

Ilana-Davita says

Beautiful shots, all of them but I agree that the first one is incredible.

NatureFootstep says

Yes it seems like they like it. And those guys are hard to catch, are they not?

Crafty Green Poet says

lovely photos, sparrows are such sociable birds...

Jew Wishes says

What sweet sparrow shots. I love the one in motion. You captured nice light and shadows, and nice settings for the individual photos.

Ellie says

The bird and the thorns reminds me about old fable - it was not a happy story. Fascinating image - especially the wings movement!

Eileen says

Great birdie photos, I love the wing fluttering too.

ramblingwoods says

Great photos Leora..the house sparrows have been really successful in adapting since their introduction to this country. They survive right along side us humans... Thank you for your concern over my health.. still not there, but slowly getting better I think... Michelle

Vicki says

I love the motion in that first shot. These sparrows do seem to have found a happy home.


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