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Review with Autumn Leaves

Yellow and Orange Maple Leaves in Edison, New Jersey
Yellow and Orange Maple Leaves in Edison, New Jersey

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red_painter witch_autograph Pink and Rose Volunteer Chrysanthemum near White Alyssum

Famous Journeys – Thanks to all who participated.

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  • Some fall foliage favorites: Ellie Vellie, EG Wow!, Rambling Woods, Carletta
  • Can someone remind me to put this “sukkah decoration” in JPIX, the Jewish Photobloggers Blog Carnival?
  • And I’ve started to put up some posts on my new tech blog, such as this one on 6 Ways to Learn jQuery. Please send your technically-oriented or small business minded friends (or yourself, if you wish to be) to my posts. In general, I’m looking for topic ideas for that blog. I tend to be a perfectionist about what I post, so you may not see me posting often in the beginning, but I’m hoping inspiration will allow me to post at least once a week.
Ellie says

I wish I knew what jQuery is, hope hubby knows. Your biz blog looks very stylish and ready for smart people. I took the kids today to a thrift shop - all books 50c. They chose some Pokemon and Power Rangers. I found hard cover Pippi on the South Seas. Also Moby Dick adapted for little kids. Since the boys are grounded for misbehaving on the school bus - I loaded them with books to read. No computer for 1 month. Now that Boris is not sick any more I have plenty of time to check the autumn blog fiesta.

Leora says

Thanks for enjoying the design of my new tech biz blog. Hope your kids enjoy all the books.

Robin from Israel says

Beautiful autumn colors, I'm living vicariously through you and the others since we don't have any here.

Jew Wishes says

Mazel tov on your tech blog!

ramblingwoods says

Beautiful colors Leora...

toby says

I love that foliage! Really beautiful.


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