Review with Autumn Leaves

Yellow and Orange Maple Leaves in Edison, New Jersey
Yellow and Orange Maple Leaves in Edison, New Jersey

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red_painter witch_autograph Pink and Rose Volunteer Chrysanthemum near White Alyssum

Famous Journeys – Thanks to all who participated.

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  • Some fall foliage favorites: Ellie Vellie, EG Wow!, Rambling Woods, Carletta
  • Can someone remind me to put this “sukkah decoration” in JPIX, the Jewish Photobloggers Blog Carnival?
  • And I’ve started to put up some posts on my new tech blog, such as this one on 6 Ways to Learn jQuery. Please send your technically-oriented or small business minded friends (or yourself, if you wish to be) to my posts. In general, I’m looking for topic ideas for that blog. I tend to be a perfectionist about what I post, so you may not see me posting often in the beginning, but I’m hoping inspiration will allow me to post at least once a week.

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