Thirteen Years Ago – Remembering Pain

וְהֵרֹנֵךְ–בְּעֶצֶב, תֵּלְדִי בָנִים

in pain you shall bear children (Bereishit 3:16)

So, 13 years ago my little guy came out like a cannon ball. No time for the doctor to show up, no time for the epidural. The nurses were in a panic; they thought they would have to deliver the baby (a resident at the hospital did). There’s a technical name for women who deliver babies very quickly. I can’t remember it – I just call it “cannon ball pain.”

And then the parsha (portion of the Torah reading) tells me that I’m going to deliver in pain. No kidding.

At least it wasn’t emotional pain, like that of losing my mother. Her yahrzeit (anniversary of her death) is tonight.

16 thoughts on “Thirteen Years Ago – Remembering Pain

  • And that’s yet another thing our middle sons have in common. His was my fastest delivery by far (the doctor made it, but with only seconds to spare), and the doctor even described my son as arriving “like a cannon ball”.

    Mazal tov on the bar mitzvah! May you continue to have much nachat from all of your children.

    • Ah, another cannon baller! I hope I don’t scare any young women with this post. I had my third scheduled, so I could get the epidural – she came out like a peach. Much more pleasant experience. The wonders of modern medicine.

  • May your mother be remembered for a blessing. Looking forward to seeing y’all at EA this Shabbat for the bar mitzvah. Well, back to earning my food by the sweat of my brow. :>)

  • A late happy birthday and mazel tov! It’s good the pain fades from memory!

    Delivery here is so different- here the nurses deliver and only call the dr. if there are complications.

  • That’s cool his Bar mitzvah parsha was Bereishis. It’s one of my favorite Parshas.

    Having “cannon ball” delivery is more painful than one with long labor hours? or it’s the same?

    Also, with the pain of birth, Hashem made us be able to forget things, so we shouldn’t remember the pain, and that allows us to have more babies.

    • You weren’t supposed to read this post. ‘Cuz I don’t want to scare you!

      I figured out how to get around the “cannon ball” delivery with child #3, so if I could pick, I’d keep the labor style I have and not go for the long labor. But we get what Hashem gives us as for labor style. Everyone’s different.

      Hashem made us be able to forget things
      See, you should keep believing this. (it’s not true for me, but maybe it will work for you)

      • Thanks for the concern!

        Interesting, that makes sense, everyone being different and having different labor styles. My Rebbitzen was telling me that different bodies carry differently, so that people with wider hips have an easier time than those with narrow hips.

        I guess we’ll find out. But B”H I don’t allow myself to dwell on the past too much, so that I can try things again.

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