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Red Foliage of New Jersey

Most all the leaves are now brown. Above is a multi-colored branch from East Jersey Olde Towne in Piscataway, taken two weeks ago.

My oak hydrangea (photographed last week) is even redder than it was a few weeks ago. What color.

For more photos with red, visit Ruby Tuesday:

Patti V. says

It's so sad when the beautifully vibrant autumn leaves shrivel and fall off their branches. Ah, nature's cycle.

Your close-up photos are very pretty. Happy Ruby Tuesday!.

felisol says

Never heard of oak hydrangea. Beautiful leaves though. Does it bloom as well?
My ordinary blue hydrangeas did not bloom until September, and there're still some flowers left.

You are of course right of Mid-winter being a light feast. Ancient celebration of the turning of the sun.
I do however embrace the fact that we are a religious, a spiritual people.

So many tries to drag us down to hollow commercialism.
I triumph every time reality out-beats the cynics.
Our seven lights in the windows are of course of Jewish origin.
I embrace that too.
From Felisol

Leora says

If you click on the tag for hydrangea and scroll down, you can see the oak leaf hydrangea in bloom.
Or here's the direct link to the bloom:

Ralph says

The reds are fading as they await winter's cold. But they look nice if slightly washed out. Rubies they remain, and December seems to be the month that reds, any and all, are in style...

eden says

Those are excellent shots. I love the colours of Autumn, my favourite time of the year.

Happy Ruby Tuesday.

My Ruby Tuesday

amanda says

Beautiful colors Leora, wonderful tribute to the seasons!

Marites says

I just love autumn colors. They are beautiful! Nice captures! :)

ramblingwoods says

We had a bit of snow last night and I think a storm in coming later in the week that might get you too. I am going to miss the fall foliage...Pretty photos... Michelle

Leora says

Oh, we'll probably just get cold rain. Too bad - I bet you would prefer the rain, and I prefer the snow.

Robin from Israel says

I really like that first shot. The red of the leaves stands out well against the paler background. Nice use of depth of field too.

Mar says

Beautiful shots!! love those read leaves.

Happy RT, mine is posted here.

marian says

i love autumn foliage..the darker leaves are divine :)

Hootin' Anni says

Oh my gosh....the photos are stunning!!!

Happy Ruby entry is holiday--a continuation of one I did several weeks's finished now, and decorating our mantle!! come see HERE

toby says

Those are both stunning! Did you see my foliage shot from yesterday? Suffice it to say that it fit the Mellow Yellow theme much better than Ruby Tuesday... :)

Kim says

They are so gorgeous, our trees here are all brown now. Thankfully we don't have snow yet ^_^

Ruby Tuesday-Christmas Tree

Crafty Green poet says

beautiful foliage, most of our leaves have been blown away by now...

Ilana-Davita says

Your foliage photos are stunning.

Dianne says

I love these deep rich colors!

mizhelle says

those are great shots! :)

u may view mine if u have time

Jew Wishes says

What beauties, Leora! I love the textures and contrasts. But, what I really enjoy looking at is the delicate look that you have captured in each one.

EG Wow! says

Fabulous memories of a lovely autumn!

storyteller at Small Reflections says

What lovely autumn views ... perfect for Ruby Tuesday! Love your daughter's drawings too ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Carver says

What a beautiful shot of the autumn foliage.

scribbler says

Oh so lovely, you're a great photographer indeed.

Leora says

Thank you! And welcome to my blog.


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