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Today’s Flowers: Marigold Studies

The happiest flowers in my garden in this cool autumn are the marigolds. We also have mums, white alyssum, snapdragons, rudbeckia and a solitary pink rose. The last of the summer impatiens died this past week.

I saw a neighbor had red and pink carnations that were still showing color.

If you take the dried up marigold buds, open them to reveal the seeds, then sprinkle them in your yard, next spring you will have a renewed treat.

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quiltworks says

The first photo is fantastic, I like angle, it makes a great composition!

Forget-me-nots are my contributions to flowers today

Ilana-Davita says

Very cheerful colors and beautiful shots.

chubskulit says

I love marigolds but I just don't like their smell hehehe.. great shots!

I have wild flower on mine.

Pacey says

The marigolds are wonderful to look brings so much life. Vibrant colors too.

sandy says

I was thinking this morning how much I need some to repel bugs sandy

Fishing Guy says

Leora: Marigolds give a lot of color to your garden, nicely shown.

Carver says

Your marigolds look great. They are a favorite of mine and do tend to do well in cool weather.

Jacob Da Jew says

I love marigolds but they need more sun than i can give ;(

Josie Ray says

What lovely color of autumn fires! Both the flowers and the aroma of marigolds are lovely to me.

Bill s. says

Oh, the beauty of the marigolds. I love the multi-colored ones. They are all great flowers.

Arja says

Just lovely, I could almost smell them and I adore that russet colour.

eden says

lovely marigold and great shots. we used to have them in my front garden

SandyCarlson says

Oh, these are lovely photos.

Carletta says

Lovely shots!
My Dad always planted these. He was the gardener of the family when I was growing up. He loved to plant lots of these in the yard and in the garden.

Jew Wishes says

Such rich and vibrant colors in these marigold photos. Each one is a beauty all its own.

I can almost smell their scent...lingering in the air.

ramblingwoods says

Not even the marigolds are left here and they are so pretty...sigh..

Leora says

My nasturtium died the day after I posted this. And my marigolds are looking more worn.

J says


One of the marigold buds is about 1 cm...I dont see it opening up....How much time would it take for this bud to open up..i am a newbie...i see a lot of new buds coming up though...

Leora says

Patience, patience. Go away for a week, then come back and look again.


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