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Today’s Flowers: Rudbeckia and Rose

I love rudbeckia; I have many rudbeckia posted on this blog. Tattered and worn but still beautiful, a few yellow black-eyed susans still grace my front yard.

This pale pink rose was the last one to be seen on my rose bush in the backyard in October.

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Nicole says

These are still beautiful.
Amazing that they still blossom at this time of the year :)

ramblingwoods says

I am reaching into the archives too, but it cheered my day to be able to blog about flowers... Yours are beautiful

Carver says

Beautiful shots of the rudbeckia and last rose. I like the way rudbeckia looks at the end of it's growing season as well as in full flush of youthful bloom.

Valkyrien says

Fading flowers can still be beautiful - and so are your rudbeckia! And the rose is really delicate!

Jacqui says

I love rudbeckia too - they seem to go on for ever. Your last rose is beautiful - so delicate. Thanks for dropping by.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: Your flowers are wonderful in this late season.

SandyCarlson says

Absolutely gorgeous.

eden says

great shots. i always like to shoot fading flowers and dried blooms.

Rivster says

The last rose is always so bittersweet...thanks for sharing it.

guild-rez says

Wonderful pictures. I love both of your flowers.
- Cheers Gisela.

Denise says

Yes, still very beautiful. Lovely photos!

ellen says

What a great entry you have! Worth visiting here. Mine is up. God Bless! Hope to see you around.

Nonizamboni says

So sweet and melancholy, these last flowers of the season. Nice choices.
Have a great Thanksgiving!


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